Storage and Luggage

Storage Areas

Map Pocket

[AW] There is a "hidden" pocket behind the passenger seat.

Using The Engine Cover Area

[SW – 99/6/8] I stored a vinyl garment bag full of clothes in the compartment that holds the T top on the drive to NSXPO (1000 miles) – everything was neatly pressed upon arrival!

Targa Top In The Trunk

NSX-T drivers who want to remove their engine cover but still be able to remove the roof on-the-go are in luck. It will fit in the trunk.

[BCH – 99/12/2] That’s where I keep mine. It fits fine, but you have to put it a certain way – front to back (just like how it fits on the hatch), with the front of the roof on the bottom of the trunk and the back of the roof resting on the "hump" of the tire cut-out.

Fitted Luggage

[KS] When the NSX was introduced, Acura sold a set of exquisite leather luggage that fit perfectly the contours of the car’s trunk. The set sold for $2,500 and there were few takers. At the end of 1996 the luggage was sold at special close-out prices, and is now in high demand.

Other Luggage

[AW] My wife and I are big fans of TravelPro Crew Series "Rollaboard" luggage, having survived a couple multi-week international trips with nothing but a TravelPro carry-on plus tote bag each. I also think this luggage’s styling is more in keeping with the spirit of the NSX than the "factory" fitted luggage, which looks a little too art-nouveau/Gucci for my taste. The Travelpro stuff is plain, modern, practical and light (and in my case black cordura nylon; other colors a dark green and sometimes navy blue).

So, I got a Travelpro catalog, and combined with its measurements and few pieces I own, came up with the following which I think is the best combination for someone with a factory phone and CD (since these options occupy about 8" of the RHS of the trunk. At the end I list an alternative that should work very well if you *don’t* have a phone, and might also work even if you do):

Travelpro 1152 standing up on the far left. Footprint 10.5×7.5; 15" high.This is a tote bag that clips nicely to the top of one of the roller bags.

Alternate: #1032 "Organizer Tote". Footprint 15×5.5; 12" high. Better utilizes the long thin area left over at the far left.

Travelpro 7482 lying lengthwise (long axis fore and aft) in the left-hand third of the trunk (using the indentation behind the driver’s seat). Footprint 22×13.5; 8.5" thick. This is a barely-carry-on-size bag that includes a removable "suit carrier" that’s really nice for keeping suits, dresses, etc. wrinkle-free.

Travelpro 7272 lying crosswise in the right-hand half of the trunk. Footprint 20×13.5; 7.5" thick.

Alternate: tight squeeze w/phone; probably perfect fit w/o phone :TravelPro 7792. Footprint 24×16, 7.5" thick. This is a checked-luggage bag that combined with the two above uses up just about every cubic inch of trunk space. The only significant free space will be between the bags andthe trunk lid, since the trunk is about 12" high with the lid closed. If you have a factory phone this bag would rest on the phone "black box" and I am pretty sure would clear the lid and right lip of the trunk opening.

I own the 1152, 7482, and 7272 and have established that they fit by actually putting them in there. The alternates I have not tried myself, but based on measurements they should work.

Disclaimer: be sure you try this yourself before committing to a purchase.

[CEW] After careful testing, I have found a piece of good luggage that fits in the NSX trunk. Samsonite Ultralight 2 Model 26 Upright. Fits like a glove, has a pull-along handle, light as Titanium (or a Nickel look-alike), looks great. Cost is about $139.00, about $2100 less than the Coach fitted setup.