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Photo captioned "The Impressive Acura NSX"

 "Troopers Slow Quick-Moving NSX's"
 by Bud Wells

The Saturday Drive review of the Acura NSX sports car last week mentioned the weekend’s gathering in Denver of NSX owners from all over the country.

For 11 NSX drivers, heading here from the East, it turned into a "hurry up and wait" drive, a costly one.

Traveling together along I-76 northeast of Sterling, the 11 drivers were clocked by a state trooper at 112 miles per hour. Down the road a few miles, another trooper awaited them with flashing lights.

All pulled over to the side of the road. "It would not have been easy to pull all 11 over, if they hadn’t cooperated," said Trooper Duane Larson.

The attraction of all these expensive, brightly-colored sports cars brought traffic of other motorists to a near stop.

The drivers were cited, and faced fines of up to $300 each.

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