Professional Detailer Recommendations

Northern California

 Automotive Enterprise

[GW – 99/12/27] I’ve used AUOTMOTIVE ENTERPRISE before, I would say their work is good, but not great. I was introduced to them by Hopkins Acura.

[CLA – 2000/7/24] The best auto detailer in Santa Clara and anywhere else as far as I am concerned is A&J’s Auto Detail.

 Southern California

 Detail Work

[DBI – 99/8/13] Hello everyone, I posted a request a few weeks ago requesting recommendations for good detailer in the San Diego region. Mark Johnson of Dali Racing was kind enough to point me in the direction of a detail shop called ‘Detail Works.’ I talked to a guy named Steve (the owner). After asking him a few questions I decided that I liked his answers and made an appointment with him to detail my NSX.

It appeared as though my recently purshased NSX had never been detailed – at least in a long time anyway. The engine bay was filthy and the paint had severe swirl mark damage. Steve assured my that he could remove the swirl mark damage. I was skeptical.

I picked the car up a few hours ago and it is in showroom condition again. And I mean showroom. All the swirl marks are gone and the shine of the paint is like mirror. The engine bay and underneath the front hood is spotless. The interior aside from a few small scuffs, that no one could remove, is immaculate. Granted the car was in good condition to begin with, but the Detail Works really brought the car back to near perfection.

If any other NSX owner out there is expecially fussy like me and is in need a good detail job I recommend Detail Works. The name of the guy who did my car is Keith. Their webpage is They are not cheap.

I have no financial interest in Detail Works nor was I promised any favors by Detail Works for this plug. I just received exellent quality work. Thanks Mark for the recommendation.

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