Part Numbers

Selected NSX Part Numbers

Part Description Years Part Number MSRP
Round flat rubber insert that the top of the spare tire leans against. It’s about the size and shape of a half dollar. ALL 74174-SL0-000  
Rubber cap that covers each end of the horizontal part of the metal frame that the spare is bolted to ALL 74176-SL0-000 $6.22
Touch up paint for black roofs ’91-’94 08703-NH-547AA $4.39
Touch up paint – Sebring Silver (paint code NH-552M) ’91-’93 08703-NH552MMA $4.39
Touch up paint – Formula Red (paint code R-77) ALL 08703-R77PPAA $5.59
Fuel filter and 5 washers necessary to change filter ALL 16010-SL0-932  
Engine hatch "stays" (struts) with ball stud ALL 74820-SL0-305  
Felt coin tray (behind/beside hand brake) ALL 77298-SL0-A00ZA  
Acura Running Footage: 1997 NSX-T (VHS tape) n/a E4713  
Nose Mask ALL 08P35-SLO-201 $143.75
Nose Mask Hardware Kit (2 snap screws, washers and nuts)   08P35-SLO-200R1  
Oil Filter ALL 15400-PL2-004 $14.25
Wiper Blade Refill (each) ALL 76622-SR3-305 $7.48
Front spoiler (black rubber strip) ’97 71110-SL0-003  
Wheel center caps ’94+   $52.57 ea.
Full metal keys ’91-’96 35113-SL0-A11 $100+
"Standard" keys (black plastic end w/ "NSX" lettering) ’91-’96 35113-SL0-A01 $11

Alex Zanardi Edition Part Numbers

Part Description Years Part Number MSRP
Zanardi Edition floor mats (pair) ALL 08P15-SLO-210A $89

[A/H] Any part number that ends in a -J0? is a Japanese market part. Any part that ends in A00, A01, etc. was intended for the North American Market.