NSX Prime Marketplace

The NSX Prime Marketplace is provided as a free service to the NSX community. There are sections for private sellers of NSXs or related items (broken down by cars / parts either for sale or wanted) as well as a section for dealers and vendors. There is also a section reserved for non-NSX listings.
TIPS ARE APPRECIATED – These forums give you free access to the largest NSX-specific marketplace in the world. While it is provided for free, a considerable amount of time, money and effort goes into making all this work. If you feel the use of this service has benefited you, please considering giving a little something back (you’ll even get recognition for doing so!)


IT IS ENTIRELY YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTECT YOURSELF IN ANY TRANSACTION! The owner/administrator and moderators ARE NOT involved in your transaction, DO NOT verify buyers or sellers, and DO NOT have any way to help you if you are scammed or dissatisfied with your transaction.
BUYER BEWARE – The Marketplace is open to anyone with an e-mail address; there is always the potential for fraud. DO NOT think that just because you are dealing with another NSX owner (or someone who claims to be an owner) that you can trust them any more than you would a total stranger. Also, make sure you are very clear about the condition of any item you are purchasing (ask for lots of good photos if there is any doubt), and how things will be handled in the event of shipping damage. Some additional suggestions:

  1. Consider the seller. Are they someone well known in the NSX community? Ask the seller for references from people you trust.
  2. If possible, have someone you trust who is local to the seller verify or even pick up and pay for the item for you.
  3. Use a professional escrow service that you pick. Beware of escrow scams.
  4. Be cautious with sellers from another country; you have virtually no recourse.
  5. I strongly encourage you to discuss with your financial institution ways to protect yourself during any high-dollar transaction.

SELLER BEWARE – Sellers can be ripped off too!

  1. Fake checks, including “certified” or “cashiers” checks or money orders, have become very common. Your bank will deposit the check and credit your account, then weeks later when the fraud is discovered they hold you responsible.
  2. Do not give out your bank account number for a wire transfer; have the money wired to the bank and then have them transfer it to your account or issue you a cashiers check.
  3. Anyone offering to send you extra money to cover shipping (or similar) and have you refund them the difference when you ship the item is trying to scam you at least three different ways (their payment was fake, then they get the item and real money you ‘refunded.’)
  4. I strongly encourage you to discuss with your financial institution ways to protect yourself during any high-dollar transaction.

USE YOUR HEAD – I do not mean to make anybody paranoid or scare you off from using the Marketplace Forums. Literally thousands of transactions have taken place through the NSX Prime Marketplace Forums and the vast majority have gone well. However there have been cases of fraud and misrepresentation in the past and there will certainly be more in the future. Just use your head and take the appropriate steps to make sure you are protected. If you aren’t comfortable with something, don’t do it.
EDUCATE YOURSELF! – Online scams have become very sophisticated in recent years. Even if you are a smart person knowledgeable about these things, it is worth spending a few minutes reading up on the latest tricks and frauds.

Using The Marketplace

Unlike the way “for sale” section of many car forums, the NSX Prime Marketplace forums are heavily and closely moderated. Ads are for conducting transactions, not general discussion; you cannot reply to other people’s ads. If you are interested, contact that person directly.
The site administrator / moderators reserve the right to remove or reject any ad or post at any time for any reason. Ads may be edited without notice for content, style, clarity or length.

Rules Of The Game

  1. NSX-Related: All ads must be NSX-related. The only exception is the General Classified Ads forum which is reserved for non-NSX ads.
  2. Provide DETAILED Descriptions: Ads must include detailed information on what is being sold. No vague ads such as “parts for sale – e-mail with requests.” For a car, you should include: VIN #, Year, mileage, exterior color, interior color, modifications, location, maintenance info (e.g. “timing belt replaced at 90k miles” or “needs tires soon”), crash repair or salvage title history, any extras included, and asking price.
  3. Asking price is required: This is not an auction site. You must list a price at which you will sell all cars and normal parts. You can add “or best offer,” but you must be willing to sell for the asking price. If you want to hold an auction, please use an auction service such as eBay and then simply post a link to your eBay auction.
  4. VIN Required: To help prevent fraud, you must list the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) in the subject header of your ad for all NSXs for sale, either whole or being substantially parted out. If you have a unique situation such as a non-US car with no VIN or a parts car where the true VIN is not known, contact a moderator before listing the vehicle.
  5. Be Responsive: Provide good contact information and timely responses to people inquiring about your ad. If the moderators receive complaints that you are not responding to inquiries, your ad will be removed until you contact the moderator.
  6. Subject Line: Please use a title that simply describes the content of your ad, such as “1991 Red/Black VIN# JH4NA1159MT001234”. Do not use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS or special characters like *** or !!! to try to draw attention to your ad. Do not put anything in the title of your ad that you might want to change later such as asking price; you cannot edit the subject of an ad.
  7. Bump Rule: Wait until the same day the following month to “bump” any ad. For example if you post an ad on Jan 5, wait until Feb 5 to bump it. Early “bump” messages will be deleted. Repeated “bumps” will result in the ad being deleted. Include all your photos and full details for what is being sold in your original message. If you forget something, you can edit your original message to add it. Do not create multiple threads for the same item; continue to revise or “bump” your existing thread for the item.

Additional Rules For Vendors, Dealers and Group Buys

Vendors: Vendors selling NSX parts or services, doing “market surveys,” or any other message of a commercial nature are allowed only in the Vendors forum.
Group Buys: All group buys belong in the Vendor forum whether they are being organized by a vendor or a customer.
Car Dealers: If you are in the business the business and you are listing an NSX for sale or wanted, you must explicitly indicate that you are a dealer at the beginning of the SUBJECT header for ad (i.e. “DEALER LISTING: 1991 Red/Black NSX”). If you are a have a dealers license and are selling your personal NSX you must still disclose that you are a dealer.

Common Marketplace Questions & Answers

Why Was My Ad / Post Deleted?

It was not in compliance with the rules listed above. Read them again carefully.

How Do I Contact The Marketplace Forum Moderators?

The moderators for all forums are displayed in the bottom right-hand corner of any Marketplace forum page. You can click on their name to contact them. Marketplace-related comments or requests you send to one moderator may be shared with the other moderators in order to better address your issue. Please do not send the same request to multiple moderators – it just confuses everyone and wastes time.

Can I Include Pictures With My Ad?

Absolutely! Pictures are encouraged and if they are not included you will often be flooded with e-mails asking for pictures. There are two ways to include photos.

  1. The forum software lets you attach pictures from your computer to the message. Pictures can be up to 800×600 resolution and 100,000 bytes. Click on the “Browse” button in the “Attach File” field as shown, then select the picture on your computer and post the message. You can only attach one photo per message, and photos do not show up in the message preview window.
  2. You can upload your pictures to the NSX Prime photo gallery which will automatically resize them and supports linking. It is completely free and even gives you the [img] tag code so you can just copy-and-paste it into your ad.

If you have problem figuring out how to include images in a post, post a message in the NSX Prime help forum. Please do not e-mail the administrator or moderators asking to help adding pictures to your ad.

How Do I Post An Ad?

Simply register for the message forums (it is FREE) and then post your ad in the appropriate section (NSXs For Sale, NSXs Wanted, NSX Parts For Sale, NSX Parts Wanted).

Can I Comment On Other People’s Ads?

No. The Marketplace is a listing service, not a discussion area. If you are interested in contacting the person who posted the ad, use PM, e-mail or phone, depending on what contact information the he provided.

How Long Will My Ad Run?

Ads do not expire. Do not post more than one ad for the same item. Every 30 days you can reply to it to “bump” it up to the top.

How Many People Will See My Ad?

The NSX Prime Marketplace receives tens of thousands of page views in a typical week. How many of those are people seriously interested in buying or selling whatever your ad is for is impossible for me to say. Many, many parts and cars have been sold through this listing service.

How Do I End An Ad?

Simply post a reply to your original ad staying that the item has been sold, you found the parts you were looking for, etc. The moderators will then “close” the message thread indicating to everyone that the ad is no longer active.

How Do I Resolve A Dispute With A Buyer / Seller?

Please understand that neither the Marketplace moderators nor the owner/administrator of NSX Prime are not in any position to resolve disputes. It is up to you to safeguard yourself in any transaction.
If you find yourself in a dispute, make every possible effort to resolve the issue via e-mail and phone. If it becomes clear that you are not going to be able to resolve the dispute, you can leave a negative iTrader rating and post your dispute in the Buyer / Seller Experiences forum.

What is an “iTrader Rating”?

Every forum member has a feedback rating which is displayed as a number in parentheses. If you click on the number it takes you to their iTrader rating page with comments from other members they’ve bought from, sold to, or traded with. It is important to click on the number to view the actual comments and ratings because someone with 5 negatives and 10 positives will have the same rating as someone with 0 negatives and 5 positives.