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Antera 109
F 17×7.5, R  18×10 [MCA] – 3-spoke aluminum


Axis Se7en



Front: 8×17 offset 40 with 215/40 ZR 17 Bridgestone S02 Rear: 10×18 offset 45 with 275/35 ZR 18 Silver


Only sold in Japan. Seen here in 17" front, 18" rear with Dunlop SP9000 tires.


Blitz Type 03
[SE] Blitz Racing is based in Japan which lengthens the order time. If you’re wondering about sizes and costs… I ordered 17×8 – front and 18×9 – rear. Just the rims would be about $2,500.00. I’m slapping some Yoko AVSS1’s on them with a grand total for rims, tires, balancing, etc. of $3,700.00.

Update 99/01/06 – WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! I would consider only buying Blitz Racing rims if they are in stock [US] or if you are ready for a VERY, VERY long wait. [speaking from experience] I put a set of 17/18’s on order at the end of October [paid in full!] and they still have not arrived! They’ve made promises that have not been kept and I am giving them one last chance to get them in next week.

I had the 17×8 front rims in within a few weeks and was told that I would see the rears at the end of November. Nothing happened in November and the next promise was made to come in the 2nd week of December in a large crate from Japan. The second week of Dec…the crate came in and we were told that they were held up in customs for about a week. The reality was…the 18×9 rears were not on the crate at all!

At this point I got a hold of a direct contact with Blitz in LA who said that they most definately will be in the second week of January and had mentioned that their warehouse/factory system had been changed and I was one of the lucky few who’s order got all screwed up. They did not offer to get them over ASAP for me [air freight] or make any sort of provision to keep me happy even though it is taking 3 months for my rims to come in! So, Blitz, if you’re listening, I hope to God that those rims will be in next week. I WOULD NOT advise any NSX’er ordering Blitz 03’s unless they are definately in stock in the U.S.!

I could not wait at this point if I wanted to. I have been waiting 3 months now and my rear Dunlop SP8000’s are bald worse than track tires. I want the new 18" Blitz rims, but can’t wait now because of the tires. I ordered them through Discount Tire as they were also supplying my Yoko’s, mounting, etc. Discount has been good, but Blitz Racing sucks!

Blitz Technospeed Z1 18"/19" gold-face wheels

DP Enduro

DP Enduro Wheels powder coated black 16×7.5" Front with 205/45/ZR16 Toyo T1-S Tires. 17×9.5" Rear with 255/40/ZR17 Toyo T1-S




17/18 Fikse FM/10

FittiPaldi 3-Piece

17" x 9.5 RR and 17×7.5 Ft w/Toyo Proxes TS-1 


Comptech Forgeline RS

Regular Forgeline RS, not the Comptech rebadged ones

Comptech “Acura” badeged wheel over Comptech Brembo brake kit. [CEW}

Comptech NSX Realtime race car with 17″ Forgeline RS front and rear.
Comptech Forgeline wheels. Car is lowered 1.5″ [STH]

Forged 6061-TG aluminum. All sizes work with Comptech’s Brembo brake kit. Front 17 x 8 $1,530 pair / Rear  17 x 9.5 $1,540.90 pair / Rear 18 x 9.5 $2220 pair / Rear 18 x 10 $2555 pair.

[BC] One of my Forgeline RS rims developed a leak due to a hairline crack in  the outer section – a failure mode induced by "cornering forces". It was about 2PSI per day and I was weary of pumping it up every morning so I sent it off to Forgeline for repairs. Repairs consisted of cutting off the outer section and welding a new rim onto the old forged center. A complicating factor was the custom paint on the wheel which needed to be matched (a metallic gray like the 94 seven spoke NSX rims). I got my wheel back last week and it is perfect in every respect. So what is the point of this tale, you ask? Well, this was all done for free by Forgeline. They repaired my nearly three year old wheel purchased indirectly through a distributor with no questions asked. "Just ship it to us, we’ll take care of it". Talk about standing behind a product. Great customer support.

[HM] I couldn’t agree more. (I own 8 Forgeline wheels) Steve Schardt (owner) was in my car at NSXPO when I went off road and damaged two wheels. I sent him the bad wheels which he took the inside centers and welded to new rims. No charge. Great people, great products, great track instructor.


3 piece Gewalt wheels imported from Japan. New approx. $3400 just for rims + shipping to US. The front rims have Michelin Pilot 215/40/17 and back is Dunlop SP9000 245/40/18.


Racing Hart Tracers
16×7 and 17×9 w/ 225/40/16 & 265/40/17 Toyo T1 Proxes. [KH]
[AVE – 99/10/19] The only direct importer of those wheels in to the US is Dazz Motorsports in LA. Be patient. I bent a front 16" Racing Hart Type C rim on my NSX, and it took six months to order another one from Japan.

Racing Hart Evolution C2


HRE 540
HRE 540 18"/19"
HRE 540 17"/18" Pirelli P7000 Super Sport 215/35-17 & 255/35-18
HRE 543
HRE 546
Custom Built HRE 546 Wheels Fully polished, with polished aluminum center caps.  18×8 fronts 19×10 rears with Bridgestone S03 tires 225/35/18 front and  285/30/19 rear.  These wheels were custom built to work with Brembo’s Porsche Twin Turbo Big Red Brake kit. Owner: Nelson Landa (FL)
HRE 547
HRE 547 17" front, 18" rear
HRE 547 18" front, 19" rear


[Info from Kinesis] "The forging process used to create K5, K10, K20, K58 and K28 centers produces a radial grain structure in the same direction as operating stresses. After forging, the centers are heat treated, aged, C.N.C. machined, shot peened and hard anodized. All Kinesis wheels are made to order. This means that the center and both rim sections (available in half inch increments) are assembled to meet the exact requirements for your application.. They are spun by computer operated, numerically controlled machines over tooling mandrels specifically designed for each rim size. They are unsurpassed for trueness and consistency in thickness at all critical points.

Each outer rim is polished to a brilliant chrome like finish. Each wheel is assembled with forty black nickel plated aircraft quality bolts which are installed and torqued by hand. Each wheel is then put on a test stand and checked for trueness before being sealed with high quality silicone."

[DBE – 2001/1/3] I ordered a set of [Kinesis] wheels for my NSX and was told they would arrive in four weeks. Four weeks later, I was told they would arrive in two weeks. Two weeks later they told me they had finished the centers and just needed to bolt on the rims. A week later they told me they had just finished the centers and were about to bolt on the rims. A week later they told me they had just finished the centers and were about to bolt on the rims. A week later…………well, you get the picture. The lies went on for several months and I finally cancelled with them and ordered Simmons wheels instead. Anyone who is thinking of getting Kinesis wheels should be prepared for a very long wait and copious excuses.

Kinesis K20
The K20s are a 3-piece design and made out of forged aluminum.
Kinesis K28
Kinesis 3 Piece wheels. Fronts are 17" X 8" and Rears are 18" X 10". Custom ordered with offsets that get wheels completely tucked inside of wheel well openings. Centers are powder painted black and outer rim edges are highly polished.



Momo Arrow


Radius R4
17×8 front, 18×10 rear rims with S-02 pole position tires


SSR Integral



Technomagnesio’s phone number (in Italy) is 051 94 66 62
Weights are as follows:






16 x 7




17 x 8.5




17 x 8




18 x 10


Motormail Technomagnesio

From the Motormail website

17x8 fronts and 18x10 rears with 225/35/17 and 255/35/18 Bridgestone S02 Pole Positions. Car is lowered 1.5" [STH]

17x8 fronts and 18x10 rears with 225/35/17 and 255/35/18 Bridgestone S02 Pole Positions. Car is lowered 1.5" [STH]

17x8 fronts and 18x10 rears with 225/35/17 and 255/35/18 Bridgestone S02 Pole Positions. Car is lowered 1.5" [STH]
Magnesium rim with outstanding rigidity plus the advantages of being very light. Available in all colours, even with paint to sample. Rear 10X18 � 1.472.000 / Front 8X17 � 1.240.000 / Rear 8.5X 17 � 1.300.000 / Front 7X16 � 1.150.000 (prices in Italian Lira and do not include shipping)
[STH] I just received my Motor Mail magnesium rims 17"x8" fronts and 18"x10" in the rear and they fit perfectly. Much better than the Forgelines that I had on the car before. The offsets are 44 mm for the fronts and 47 mm for the rear. With 225/35/17 and 255/35/18 S02 Pole Position tires, I have no problem with tire rub and with the looks of it, I could have gone *much* wider in the rear. However, I felt that my car was not putting out enough HP/torque for it to really improve performance by going any wider.


Hockenheim R Wheels – chrome finish – 16/17 – fit ’91 to ’96 – includes hex nut wrench, 1 extra chrome hex nut, and 1 extra chrome lug cover plat.


Volk Racing AV3
[[Image:volkav3red.JPG|thumb|none]] [[Image:volkav3red1.JPG|thumb|none]]
Rims are 17×8 front and 18×10 rear, +44 offset for both. Using 225/40-17 tires front and 265/35-18 rear.


WORK Anhelo from RM Racing
Three-piece Low Pressure Cast Aluminum wheel. Front: 16" x 7.5" Rear: 17" x 9". Offset for the NSX. $2,500 per set.
Work Meister S2R
[CWO – 2000/5/8] Sizes: 7.0-17 5/114 ET35(F) — 8.7 kg Weight, tire size:215/40-17 9.0-18 5/114 ET47(R) — 10.1 kg Weight, tire size:265/35-18. I’m extremely happy with the setup. With the Eibach springs sitting in my garage, I had to be a little more conservative on the front and went with a 7" to ensure wheel well clearance. The back could be an inch wider though, but with the trade of of having to haul around an extra 2 lbs per wheel.
WORK Rezax from RM Racing
Three piece mesh-style wheel.  Call for price.
[RM] WORK is a Japanese company that manufactures high quality sport wheels.

[JF] The Distributor of the wheels indicated that their 16" NSX front wheel applied to 91′ thru 97′ models. However when Randy tried to install the wheel on Wednesday he found the 97′ brake caliper mounting brackets did not allow a good fit of the wheels.

Solution: I decided to go with 17"/18" wheels and Randy flew them in overnight so I would not be delayed in getting my NSX back. The WORK Wheels are gorgeous with aggressive Dunlop SP Sport 9000s (215/40/17s up front and 265/35/18s out back). I now have my stock 16"/17" wheels to mount up for autocrossing. Frankly, I’m glad the way this happened, as it caused me to reconsider the 17/18s. They look awsome…

Zenetti Mystic

18" x 8", silver w/ machine polished lip, offset +42, hubcentric, bolt pattern 5-114.3. Cheap.

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