Fuel pump resistor

This Wiki page comes from a thread courtesy of Prime user mr_goat who was experiencing engine sputtering problems. Initially he thought that the problem was related to a bad connection between the coils and spark plugs due to corrosion but since the problem was prominent at less than 4500 rpm he thought he’d try the fuel pump resistor bypass procedure which resulted in silky-smooth operation through the entire rev range.
The fuel pump resistor very seldom fails, if it fails the car will start and die immediately. By-passing the resistor will increase the fuel pressure and make the car run rich or better if the fuel pump is weak.
Once you’ve located the resister, the test can be done quickly to exclude the fuel pump being the problem or confirming that it is the problem. Simply
unplug the resistor (match-box sized thingy mounted just above the fuel filter) and use a paperclip and short-circuit the connector. Then go for a test drive.
If the problem is the resistor, you’ll have to order a new fuel pump.
A locator diagram would be useful here.

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