Fuel Filler Door

Hey! The Fuel Door Doesn’t Open!

[A/H] If you look very carefully, or better yet, if you run a piece of paper (dollar bill works great) around the gap between the filler door and the quarter panel you will probably find that the door is contacting the quarter panel somewhere.

The plastic door’s, metal hinge can be bent slightly to more center the door in the hole. Be careful.

[CA] I had this problem once, the filler door spring had fallen out somewhere unknown to me, and it wouldnt open the next time I attempted to stop for gas. I was able to open it by reaching for the fuel door release lever and pushing on the left side of the door simutaneously, kind of awkward and embarassing. I took it to the dealer and they replaced the spring, I also noticed the door seems to be made of Plastic? I have removed the spring once or twice and bent it so there was more "spring" to it, the door does open better, but, not violently like other cars I have owned. A small bit of glue should hold the spring in its position.

[GM] This is an easy adjustment. The catch is mounted on an eccentric bolt. Undo the inner fender liner and reach up to get at the adjustment. Rotate the bolt (or collar it’s been a while) until the door lines up with the fender. Check the service manual for more complete instructions.

[CM] I have this problem on my NSX. It sometimes takes several attempts to get the gas filler door to pop open. I think it has something to do with the small spring in the filler door (which I replaced) adjustment. I haven’t done enough adjusting to fully correct it yet.

[NM] At the filling station I swing my legs out, pull the lever, and press my finger against the left side of the door to get it to pop open. I then (of course) detail the entire car because there is now a finger print on it but that’s another story.

[CW – 99/5/25] If you remove the vinyl covered pad that is in back of the door release lever thingy (that’s technical speak) you will see the cable that runs to the gasdoor to the release lever. There are three positions that it can be set to. Move it to the position closer to the release lever, and it will now spring open with authority.