Cruise Control

Why Does Cruise Control Activate Slower Than Set?

[A/H] 1991-1994 NSX’s had a throttle cable. The cruise control actuator worked from the front of the car to the throttle body using the throttle cable. How long you pushed the set button, how long you left your foot in position on the throttle after pushing the button, the actuator cable adjustment, may all come into play on your loosing the 3mph.

1995-96 has a drive by wire throttle, I just tested 3 cars, one A/T, two 5 spd and all set at exactly the point that I pushed the button. Keep in mind that the set button is also the decel button. If you hold the button more than to momentarily set the cruise the ECU will start the deceleration process.

Why Won’t Cruise Control Activate?

[GC] Since new I had an intermittent problem with the cruise control not "resuming" on demand. The dealed looked at it a few times and found nothing wrong. I gave up assuming it was a mega-dollar computer problem. Finally I was inspired to lift the brake pedal back up from under (it barely moves) when it malfunctioned and sure enough that was the problem. I had the dealed adjust the switch and no more problems. It is a different switch to the brake lights apparently.  I hope this saves someone 5 years of occasional cursing.