Comptech Supercharger

Comptech NSX Supercharger

Comptech offers a supercharger kit for all NSX model years. The first generation system was based on the Whipple 1600A, a Lysholm positive-displacement twin-screw design with a displacement of 1.6L/REV (0.656 CFM/REV) and an internal lubrication system. Typically, twin-screw superchargers, by design, have the ability to maintain a higher volumetric and adiabatic efficiency than most roots types. This allows the Comptech unit to provide consistent boost and compress the intake charge very efficiently with a minimal increase in air intake temperature. This combination helps provide almost instant boost (unlike centrifugal and roots type superchargers) to increase and broaden the torque curve substantially.
The standard kit generates 2 PSI wide open throttle at 1200 RPM, 3 PSI wide open throttle at 2000 RPM, 6 PSI wide open throttle at 4000 RPM or higher. No boost (cutout) at high manifold vacuum, idle to cruise RPM. Comptech also offers a “high boost” kit using a different diameter pulley for a bit more “oomph.”
The kits for the NSX-T come with a new engine cover (which re-uses a bunch of hardware from the factory cover) and their NSX-T billet aluminum strut tower brace. The factory engine cover and strut tower brace from the NSX-T will not fit with the supercharger installed. All Comptech supercharger kits are 50-state legal and come with the required CARB E.O. emissions sticker. Estimated installation time is 8-12 hours. Some shops may be able to do it faster if they have done the kit before.
The basic NSX Supercharger Package includes the following major parts: Whipple supercharger with an intake assembly, 3.8″ diameter supercharger pulley (applicable to the 3.2 liter engine), 4.2″ diameter supercharger pulley (applicable to the 3.0 liter engine), crankshaft pulley (same diameter as stock), in line fuel pump, PROM chip for 1991-1994 models only, and all necessary installation hardware.
Comptech keeps the stock fuel injectors and boosts rail pressure to 100 PSI. The 9PSI kit includes Honda high-flow injectors (Honda part #06164-POF-000). They are not used in any US vehicles but can be ordered from Japan. The fuel pressure regulator is a generic “Super FMU” from Vortech Engineering and is pre-set by Comptech for their kit.
Since the installation requires the alternator to run backwards, the OEM alternator cannot be used. In order to stick with a Honda OEM part, Comptech uses the 1992 Honda Prelude alternator which is the only one Honda ever sold which runs the opposite direction. It is Honda part #31100-PT3-A52RM.
The installation of the kit requires the following modifications to the stock vehicle: The stock crankshaft pulley is removed and replaced by a equal diameter pulley which is modified to accommodate the supercharger drive belt, the MAP sensor wire is modified with an in-line resistor for 1991-1994 models only, an in-line fuel pump is installed next to the fuel filter, the stock 15 amp fuel pump fuse is replaced with a 20 amp fuse, a resistor located on stock fuel pump is removed, and the stock intake manifold is removed and replaced with the combination supercharger and intake manifold configuration.
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