Wrenching Basics

Jacking Up The Car

[AT] There are three places on each side of the car to jack it up. First the is a jack point almost in the center below each door. Since the chassis is so stiff, this point will jack up both wheels off the ground at the same time. Now you can put a jack stand under each of the other two jacking points, one below the front of the door, and the other below the air inlet area. All three points are strong, and safe places to either jack up the car and also place high quality jack stands under. The service manual or owners manual shows these points clearly.

Safety Tips

[KP – 99/8/5] Done right, it is very safe. The proceedure I use for the NSX is as follows:

  • Make sure working area is relatively level (a garage floor is fine).

  • Drive the rear wheels onto some 2×12 planks to make room for the floor jack.

  • Jack up the car from the center jack point and place jack stands under both front and rear jack points.

  • Let car down slowly onto jack stands and insure that they are in the correct position.

  • Repeat steps 3) and 4) for other side.

  • Putting the car down is the reverse of these steps.

[GM – 99/8/6] Once any car is supported by stands you should push or pull on it vigorously before you get under it and apply torque to anything. Some people insert a floor jack under the car near the area they are working to take the load in case of accident. This process is called double jacking.

Fender Cover

[GB] Acura has a rubberized cover that drapes over the parts of the body likely to be accidentally damaged when you’re working on the engine. The part number for the fender cover: 07MAZ-SL0000A.

Electrical Work

If you plan to do any electrical work, such as installing an aftermarket accessory, it would be a good idea to check out the DIY section with Installing Electrical Accessories Tips On Installing Electrical Accessories first.

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