[2001/8/24 – KS] A six-minute videocassette of the NSX was sent by Acura to new NSX buyers when the car first came out.  This was a terrific video, with the narration by James Coburn, who was doing voiceover for Acura commercials at that time.  Nice shots of the NSX out driving, including some in rain as well as on dry roads.  Very nice.

Here is a YouTube video of an original NSX commercial with some Senna content //

Best Motoring

[2001/7/11 – KS] Best Motoring recently came out with its first English-language translated video, called Best Motoring International Vol. 01, "Type R Legend", featuring a compilation of footage of the NSX-R, the Civic Type R, and the Integra Type R. It’s available for $19.95 plus $5.95 shipping from Performance Products, either online at or by calling 800-789-1891.

Car and Driver

1992 – "Top 10 Exotic Cars"

List Price: $19.99. NTSC format. Color. ASIN:6302361133

Review of C&D's favorite exotic cars for 1992 with excellent footage of the NSX and Ferrari F40.

History Channel

[[|Click to view]] to the NSX segment of the show (64 MB download).

[SK – 98/12/2] I happened across an NSX video while shopping I haven’t heard any mention of this video on the list or in the FAQ. I ordered the tape, and it arrived today. Here’s the low-down:

Title: Automobiles, Honda NSX

 Produced by: The History Channel
 Marketed & Distributed by: New Video Group, New York City
 Running time: approx. 50 minutes
 Format: VHS
 Copyright: 1996
 Language: English

The first 40 minutes of the tape is basically a history lesson on the Honda Motor Corporation. The next 7 minutes is pure NSX, showing track testing, factory operations, etc. In one of the shots it looks like Bobby Rahal is participating in track testing.

I recall some postings a few months ago from attendees of the NSX event in Japan describing film footage shown during the factory tour. Perhaps this is one of the items that was shown, I don’t know.

The list price of the tape is $19.95; sells it for $16.99. To find it, go to and select the video tab. Put NSX into the search window, and you should get one hit (this tape). Even though it has only seven minutes of NSX content, I’d rate the tape as worth owning.


’91 to 94 at the Nuremburgring

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