Used NSX Checklist

Used NSX Checklist
Car & Seller Info
Date of Inspection:____________ Seller name:_____________________
Phone:______________________ email:________________________


VIN:________________________________ Zanardi # (if applicable) ______
Model year:______ Model: NSX NSX-T Zanardi
Transmission: 5spd 6spd Auto

Transmission #:____________________
Ext. color:_________________ Int. color:____________
number of owners:______ service records: yes no partial
1st inspection date:___________ 2nd inspection date:__________
Exterior condition: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Interior condition: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Mechanical condition: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Asking price: ____________ Negotiated price:__________
Deposit left: _________
Vehicle History Check
Carfax report (attach to checklist): Y/N? Clean/Problem(s)?
Explain problem(s):
Talked to mechanic(s) who maintained car: Y/N?
Mechanic name(s)/ contact info:
Mechanic’s comments:
Contacted previous owners or other NSX owners familiar with car: Y/N
Name:____________________ Contact info:___________________
Name:____________________ Contact info:___________________
Name:____________________ Contact info:___________________
Inspection Checklists
Interior Inspection
Head room (w/ helmet if tracking)
Instrument panel visibility
Ease of entry/exit from vehicle
Drivers seat power adjustments work
Passenger seat power adjustments work
Radio, cassette, CD player (if installed)
Speakers: 2 door, 1 psgr footwell, 1 center channel
Heat, a/c, vent functions
Window glass condition (tint if applicable)
Remote fuel door release
Courtesy lights (in doors & drivers footwell)
Ashtray & lighter
Center console condition & function
Sun visor condition (check for split seams)
Passenger seatbelt condition
Door panel condition
Seat upholstery/leather condition
Trim & molding condition, including behind seats
Engine compartment release lever
Remote trunk release button (on driver’s door below arm rest)
Remote trunk release disable switch (inside glove box)
Driver’s power window controls (excessive slow speed)
Passenger side window controls (excessive slow speed)
Brake pedal wear consistent with mileage
Additional interior notes:
Exterior Inspection
Dings, dents, scratches, scrapes
Windshield glass & molding
Front grille & radiator condition
Driver’s side door handle function
Passenger door handle function
Any fluid leaks (new/ old)
Trunk lock (opens w/ key)
Keyless entry works (if installed)
Front hood release lever works
Factory anti-theft (should not alarm if open any door/trunk using the key)
Rock chips on front consistent w/ mileage
Moldings & trim condition
General paint condition
Evidence of crash damage or body work
Original paint on body panel bolts
Tire brand, model size, condition acceptable
Fuel filler door releases, gas cap in good shape
Wheel lock & matching key (if installed)
Wheel condition (cosmetic)
Aftermarket alarm (if installed)
Inside the trunk
Carpet & trim, general condition (no corrosion or moisture)
Trunk light function (upper rear corner of trunk on driver’s side)
Trunk latch (DO NOT slam it. Set it down & press firmly over latch- NOT on rear spoiler)
Condition of trunk mounted CD changer & mobile phone (if installed)
Trunk lid stays up by itself (if not, struts are bad- ~$100 repair)
Tool kit under trunk carpet (jack, lug wrench, flat blade screw driver, air pump)
Under the (front) hood
Hood catch mechanism works (run fingers right to left near center to trip latch open)
Spare tire condition (should be mounted with spokes facing rear)
Battery condition (behind spare tire, down low)
Radiator condition (look for damage from road debris or excessively bent cooling fins)
Parking lights
Low beams
High beams
Hazard lights & switch
Turn signals
License plate light
Headlights open & close smoothly (’91-’01)
Reverse lights
Tail lights (including LED in spoiler)
Brake lights
Side markers
Fog or driving lights (if installed)
Additional Notes:
Mechanical Inspection Checklist
Note- There are purposely no details included in this section. The reason is that anyone qualified to inspect the car knows what he is looking for, & this is only meant to serve as a checklist to make sure nothing gets overlooked. If you do not work on cars or are not clear on how to inspect anything on this checklist, please have a qualified mechanic inspect the car.

Engine oil
Engine mounts
Engine block
Cylinder heads
Fluid leaks
VTEC operation
Air filter
Shocks (dampers)
CV joints & boots
Tie rods
Forged suspension
Drive shafts
Differential (LSD)
Frame work? No Yes
Paint work? No Yes

Panels replaced? No Yes
Coolant hoses & pipes
Coolant overflow bottle
Cooling system clamps
Radiator & fan
Water pump
Fuel lines & hoses
Fuel pump
Fuel tank
Exhaust manifold or headers
Exhaust hangers & brackets
Catalytic converters
Exhaust pipes
Fuel injection
Brake master cylinder
ABS pump
Brake fluid
Brake lines & hoses
Brake rotors
Brake pads
Brake calipers
Parking brake
Wheel hubs & studs
Wheel bearings
Clutch operation
Clutch fluid & cylinders
Tires (note- “premature” wear on extreme inside edge of fronts is normal)
If requested: Compression test
If requested: Leakdown test
If requested: 4 wheel alignment
Mechanical Inspection notes:
Inspected by: