TSB 95-011

July 1995

Dear Acura Owner:

 This notice is sent to you in accordance with the defect provisions of the National  Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act.

The Reason For This Notice

Honda has determined that front seat belt buckle release buttons have broken, and others may break in the future, in some 1986 – 91 Acura cars equipped with seat belts made by the Takata Corporation. These seat belt buckle release buttons are made of red plastic, and are marked "PRESS." If a button breaks, pieces may fall into the buckle assembly. If this occurs, the buckle may not operate properly, thereby creating a safety risk..

To prevent this problem from occurring, Acura will replace all broken front seat belt buckles, free of charge. In addition, Acura will modify all unbroken buckles manufactured by Takata to prevent future button breakage.

Vehicles Affected

Only vehicles within the following VIN ranges are affected:

 Integra 1986-1990: ALL, 1991: 3-door: Thru VIN JHMDA9...MS026676, 4-door: Thru VIN  JHMDB1...MS009150

Legend 1987-1990: 2-door: ALL, 1986-1990: 4-door: ALL

NSX 1991: Thru VIN JHMNA1…MT001507

Why Seat Belts Are Important

If your seat belt buckle is broken or does not operate properly, you should have it replaced as soon as possible. Seat belts are the most important part of your car’s safety equipment. Acura urges you to wear your seat belt whenever you drive, and to make sure that your passengers also wear theirs. If you do not wear your seat belt, your chances of being killed or seriously injured during a collision are much higher than if you are wearing a seat belt. That is why seat belt use is required by law in almost every state.

What You Should Do

Call any authorized Acura dealer and make an appointment to have your car repaired. If either release button shows any sign of breakage or cracking, or if either buckle fails to operate properly, the dealer will replace the buckle, free of charge.

Even if both front seat belt release buttons appear to be in good condition, and both buckles operate properly, your seat belt buckles will need to be modified to prevent future button breakage. Modification of the seat belt buckles will be free of charge and parts are now available.

Replacement or modification of the seat belt buckles will take less than half an hour; however, the dealer may need to keep your car for a longer period because of their workload. Please call for an appointment.

If You Have a Problem

If your Acura dealer is unable to, or fails to, make the necessary repairs or replacements, free of charge, please contact:

Acura Campaign Information Service Office

 American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
 1919 Torrance Boulevard Torrance, CA 90501-2746

The toll-free number is (800) 999-1009. You may also contact:


 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
 400 Seventh Street, S.W. Washington, D.C. 20590

or call the toll-free Auto Safety Hotline at (800) 434-9393 (Washington D.C.-area residents may call [202] 366-0123).

Warranty Reminder

For safety, we urge you to regularly check the condition of your seat belts. If you notice that a release button is broken or if you experience any problems with seat belt operation, contact your dealer immediately. Remember, Acura has a lifetime seat belt warranty that applies to every Acura automobile. It covers any seat belt component that fails to function properly during normal use (see your warranty booklet for details).

Special Notice to Lessors

Under Federal law, the lessor of a vehicle who receives this letter must provide a copy of it to the vehicle lessee(s). The lessor must also keep a record of the lessee(s) to whom this letter is sent, the date sent, and the applicable Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). (For the purposes of this notice, a lessor means a person or entity that in the last twelve months prior to the date of this notification has been the owner, as referenced on the vehicle’s title, of any five or more leased vehicles. A leased vehicle is a vehicle leased to another person for a term of at least four months.)

Thank you for your cooperation. We are sorry for any inconvenience you might experience.



 Acura Automobile Division

ReferenceTechnical Service Bulletins