TSB 95-008

Feb. 10 1999


 Because of environment concerns, production of R-12 refrigerant is being phased out. Honda  is making retrofit kits available to convert systems that currently use R-12 refrigerant  to R-134a refrigerant use. 


 Before retrofitting the A/C system to use R-134a, test its performance and inspect all  components. 
 If the system is not cooling correctly, determine the cause and repair it before  continuing. 
 If the system is not fully charged, determine if there are any leaks and repair before  continuing. 
 If the compressor is making noise, repair or replace it before continuing. Refer to parts  information Bulletin B94-0028 for the proper components. 
 If the system has been open to the atmosphere, replace the receiver/dryer. 


 1.Use the R-12 recovery/recycling station to remove the R-12 from the system. NOTE:  Failure to remove all the R-12 from the system will cause contamination of the R-134a  recovery/recycling station. 
 2.Disconnect the R-12 recovery/recycling station. 
 3.1992-94 Vigor only: Remove Schrader valves from the charge valves. The retrofit valves  in the kit have their own Schrader valves. 
 4.Use a Shop towel wetted with Honda brake cleaner to clean the threads the existing  valves. Apply Locktite (included in the kit) to the threads the existing valves. Instal  the R-134a retrofit valves from the kit. 
 5.Connect the R-134a recover/recycling station to the system. Evacuate system. 
 6.Add 120 ml of PAG oil (included in the kit) to the system. 
 7.Determine the amount of R-134a refrigerant needed to charge the system by subtracting 50  ml (1-2/3 oz) from the system's R-12 capacity. 
 8.Charge the system with the proper amount of R-134a refrigerant. 
 9.Start the engine and let idle. Turn the A/C system on and off several times. Listen for  any abnormal noises. 
 10.Repeat step 9 with the engine running at 1,500 rpm and 3,000 rpm. 
 11.With the system on, check the cooling performance at the dashboard vents. 
 12.Check the high and low side pressures and compare them to the R-12 specifications. They  should be slightly higher. 
 13.Turn off the A/C system and the engine. Disconnect the recovery/recycling station.  Install the caps on the valves. 
 14.Place the R-134a caution label from the kit over the existing R-12 label. If the R-12  label is no longer there, place the
 R-134a label on the right damper housing. 

 1986-87 Intega - P/N 38020-SM4-A2AH 
 1988-93 Intega - P/N 38020-SM4-A1AH 
 1986-87 Legend - P/N 38020-SM4-A2AH 
 1988-92 Legend - P/N 38020-SM4-A1AH 
 1988-93 Vigor - P/N 38020-SM4-A3AH 
 1988-93 NSX - P/N 38020-SM4-A1AH 

 None: this retrofit is considered to be customer-pay.


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