TSB 91-017

TSB 91-017 details some tools Acura dealer service shops may wish to purchase, depending on the volume of NSX work they perform.

VTEC inspection tool

Engine removal/installation cart

Automatically shipped to all Acura dealers. It is not listed in the engine removal procedure in the NSX Service Manual. To learn how to use it, dealer service personnel are instructed to watch the “Engine” videotape from the NSX New Model Intro series (shipped to all dealers in 1990 as an Acura Advantage releaes). The “cart” is really just a jig.
The TSB says to do one of three things with the cart in order to make the cart mobile:

  • Purchase 4 casters and install them in the pre-drilled holes in each corner of the cart. This is most convenient as no other equipment is needed. Caster specifications are:
    • Wheel: 3″ x 1 1/2″
    • Stem: Threaded, 1/2″ – 13 x 2 1/2″ working length
    • Load rating: 350 lb. or more

40mm wrench for locknut on rack guide screw (electric power steering)

50mm wrench for locknut on steering pinion set screw (manual steering)

Inspection tool for differential clutch discs

Electric Power Steering test set


 Technical Service Bulletins

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