Trunk Hatch Struts

Why Won’t The Trunk Stay Open?

[KS] Trunk struts on most Honda/Acura cars start to wear out and need replacement after 4-5 years. Many Acura dealers will "Goodwill" this repair, as it is a common failure and doesn’t cost too much.

Why Won’t The Engine Glass Stay Up?

This is the same failure as the trunk struts (above). The NSX rear hatch strut comes with the ball stud included, not separate as the trunk lid struts.

Replacing Trunk Or Engine Hatch Struts

If your dealer won’t goodwill the repair, it is fairly inexpensive.  To save a little more money and a trip to the dealer, you can do this repair very easily yourself.   See [ Trunk_Struts|DIY – Trunk Struts<] for instructions.