Trim and Molding

What Should I Use On Trim And Molding?

For black trim on cars I prefer Mothers Back to Black. This is good for not only trim work, but for any rubber surface on the car, including that trim that goes along the tops of your doors for the window seats. It’s also good for windshield wipers but don’t get it on the rubber blades themselves. Some people use it for tires though I have never had any problem with Armour All on the tires. Some will scream that Armour All dries them out but I’ve yet to hear a first hand example of it. Besides, by the time you start to dry out a tire you have already dumped them for the next set. I do NOT use it on interior surfaces, however.

[GM] For exterior use on black plastic, my favorite product for this is Black Again. If you can’t find it locally you can mail order it from various sources, including Emmons Coachworks in IL. Call 800-669-4929. This stuff makes the inner fender well liners look great too, if you’re interested. I use Armor All on the front spoiler because I like the shiny look on that piece only.

For interior use try Zymol’s Vinyl. For badly faded pieces try Lexol’s Vinylex. For the soft door, trunk and (you lucky Targa owners) roof seals I use Zymol Seal. This is a glycerine based product. A BMW dealership-owner I know uses pure glycerine, bought from a drug store for these seals. Do your car once a year and they should last at least 10+ years. Mine are approaching 7 years old and seem as pliable as new.. A brush is a more accurate and economical way to apply these products instead of spraying them.

[KS] I believe that waxing the black front spiler strip (often called the "chin spoiler") can cause it to turn gray. DON’T WAX IT! You can try using a product designed specifically for black appearance trim, such as Black Again, to restore the

[NM] The Surflex Black Colorant works great on black bumpers, black spoilers or black rubber/vinyl trim that has been scratched or scuffed. Clean the entire part thoroughly with Wurth Citrus Degreaser, rinse and dry thoroughly. Stain
the area with the Colorant and allow to dry. It will look like new. After about 3 weeks hardening off, coat with a protective coating of Mequiar #42 Rubber Treatment or Black Again.

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