Tips and Techniques

How Do I Properly Detail The Car?

[KS] The most important thing is to use the three-step process.

  1. Wash and dry the car.
  3. Clean the car using a product such as Zymol  HD-Cleanse, 3M Perfect-It Hand Glaze (#05997), or Meguiar's #9 to remove oxidation and light scratches or swirl marks.
  5. Wax the car using a product such as 3M Show Car Paste Wax, Zymol's NSX or Concours or Titanium or Japon, or Meguiar's #26.

I suspect more NSX owners are using Zymol than the other brands but there are other owners here that swear by Meguiar’s and 3M products, too. You will be better off using this three-step process for any of these brands than you would trying to get by with one of those cleaner-waxes.

Incidentally, if you use this process you only need to wax the car every three or four months (if you don’t drive it often you can even extend the intervals); once you have used one of the "cleaners" you don’t need to do so again for a full year unless you notice visible oxidation or light scratches or swirl marks.

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