Thingy Installation

Easy Window Fixit Thingy Installation

This procedure describes an easy way to install the replacement power window clips from Dali Racing while the window regulator stays in the door. This is by far the simplest way to replace them. Further information on the replacement clips and the problem they solve is found in Troubleshooting – Power Windows.

[JMC – 2000/7/20]

Tools required:

  •    A pair of old or cheap multigrips
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Slot style screw driver


  1. Firstly you must have a pair of old or cheap multigrips. Either use an angle grinder (thin disc version) or a saw and cut a slot in the multigrips as shown in the photos. The slot needs to be about 1.5 mm wide and about 1 cm long. See Photo #1 – click to enlarge.

  2. Place the window between 1/2 and 3/4 up. This is approximately where it will need to be to get good access to install the thingies.

  3. As explained in the manual, remove the interior lining from the door.
  4. Carefully peel back the waterproofing plastic to expose the access slot to the window regulator.
  5. If your window is in the right position you will see the white plastic box (thingy) part that joins the 2 cable ends. This is what you’re going to replace. If you don’t see it your window is not properly positioned. Carefully reconnect the window connector and jiggle the switch until you have the old plastic window thingy accessible. This is a little bit of an awkward and not a very elegant manipulation.
  6. Tape the window in position with masking tape. Place at least 2 overlapping strips on each side of the glass running the full length of the door (horizontally). This is to support the window during the time of the modification otherwise it will just fall into the door causing big problems. MAKE SURE YOUR MASKING TAPE IS WELL STUCK.
  7. You will probably notice that the old thingy is distorted with tension of the cable and the weight of the window. See Photo #2 – click to enlarge.
  8. Now take your slot screw driver and pry the old thingy open (the distorted side) to allow the cable end to jump free. Sometimes it goes with a bit of a bang as you break it. Now your masking tape is supporting the weight of the window.
  9. Repeat process for the other cable end. Slide out from behind the old window thingy (or what’s left of it if it broke) Slide in your new thingy. You will have 2 loose cable ends at this stage. DO NOT OPERATE WINDOW MOTOR AT THIS STAGE.
  10. Take the multigrips and engage one cable end in one jaw slot and the other jaw on the opposite side of the thingy. Squeeze the pliers fairly hard until the cable end is just over the center opening of the thingy. Try to get it as close to the opening as possible. You will have to play a little with the distance that the jaws are open on the multigrips.
  11. When you are very close take the slot screw driver and push the cable end into the hole of the thingy. You may find that it slips once or twice but you will get it. See Photo #3 – click to enlarge.
  12. Now repeat the same thing for the other side. Dead easy. The manipulation should only take a couple of minutes.
  13. Now remember to grease your window slides and around the glass holding bracket (the nylon parts) as per the manual.
  14. Reverse removal procedures and now you are ready to attack the window on the other side of the car! See Photo #4 – click to enlarge.

Bon chance!!!
Jonathan McDonnell

[CAB – 2000/9/13] I installed the thingy on the passenger door this weekend as a preventative measure. Taking off the door panel is easy if you follow the directions. FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS. When you break off the old plastic thingy, the cables will snap off. Here’s where it looks like there is a problem until you realize you’re an idiot. When you try to attach the top cable, no matter how much you try to stretch it, it will not make it. You pull and push so hard it hurts. Then you realize the problem. Even though you taped the window, when the cable snaps, the window falls a little bit. If you have someone pull the window up a little, the top cable goes right in. Have your friend now push the window down a little to stretch the top cable and you will have no problem attaching the bottom cable.

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