Things to Check

What Should I Check Besides Scheduled Maintenance Items?

Door Latch Screws

[SA – 98/11/12] As I was polishing every nook and cranny of my car preparing for storage, I was shocked to see bare aluminum in the driver’s side door opening up by the latch post. Turns out that all three screws that hold my drivers side door latch in place were loose and one of them had back out far enough to gouge the metal on the door frame. I wash that area at least once a week so it recently happened. Ouch. One more place to touch up now.
[BSD – 98/11/12]The same thing happened to me. At least 2 of my 3 screws there were loose and one so far out as to scratch the paint. I even remember bending one of mine so I had to buy another.

Air Compressor (from trunk tool kit)

Use the compressor every now and then to keep it operational when you really do need it. Kinda like intentionally locking up the brakes to engage ABS to prevent the internals from sticking. The OEM air compressor is $300!
[A/H – 98/9/1] Also put a few (4-5) of drops of oil (engine oil, trans oil, air tool oil, etc.) on the foam intake of the compressor. Keep the ring on the piston loose.

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