Technical Service Bulletins

A Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) is written by the manufacturer to help the dealer fix a car. It is not a warranty document. If the car is out of warranty, it is out of warranty. The dealer or manufacturer may be willing to “goodwill” a repair, especially on a major and/or common failure, or at least meet the customer half way (they pay for parts, the customer pays for labor), but they are under no obligation to do so. Some TSBs are simply informational or clarifications to a procedure in the service manual and do not relate to a problem.
A recall, on the other hand, is a legal agreement between the car manufacturer and the federal government and all the cars will be updated at the manufacturer’s expense.

List of NSX-Related TSBs

TSB Number Section of Car Model Years Affected VINs This Service Bulletin Covers:
TSB_90-009 Transaxle 91-94   Automatic Transmission Warranty Exchange Program
TSB_90-020 Maint. PDI 91   Doors, Trunk Lid, Hood and Rear Window Closing Effort
TSB_90-024 Safety 91   Recall: Airbag Module
TSB_90-026 Interior 91-93   Broken Seat Back Cover Clip
TSB_91-002 Body 91 <=000722 Torn Window Sash Rubber
TSB_91-008 Engine 91 <=003162 Low Oil Pressure Gauge Reading
TSB_91-009 Body 91 <=000647 Longer Spare Tire Bolt
TSB_91-010 Interior 91 <=000562 Split Sun Visor Seam
TSB_91-014 Accessories 91   Cellular Telephone Troubleshooting
TSB_91-016 Climate Control 91 <=001654 Increase in Refrigerant Oil for NSX Air Conditioner
TSB_91-017 Tools All   NSX Special Tools
TSB_91-020 Accessories All   Transferring Information to a Replacement Telephone
TSB_91-037 Engine All   NSX Engine Removal/Installation Procedure
TSB_91-041 Interior 91   Replacement Seat Covers/Cushions
TSB_91-052 Accessories 91-92   Troubleshooting for Optional Keyless Entry System
TSB_92-007 Climate Control 91-92 91 All, 92 <=000697 Blower Motor Unit Only Runs on High
TSB_92-014 Brakes 91-92   Anti-lock Brake System Problem Code 1 / Leaking Solenoid
TSB_92-022 Transaxle 91-92 All Manual Transmission Breather Tube Position
TSB_92-027 Climate Control 93 on   R-134a Refrigerant A/C System
TSB_92-030 Cooling 91 <=2406 NSX Cooling System
TSB_92-039 Interior 91-93   Rearview Mirror Reinstallation
TSB_93-004 Accessories 91-93   Popping Noise From the Window Regulator
TSB_93-007 Accessories 91-93   Unlocking the Door Sets Off the Security Alarm
TSB_93-010 Transaxle 91-92 Transmissions #3542-5978 Broken Countershaft Bearing Snap Ring
TSB_93-013 Body 91-93   Upper Windshield Molding Shrinks
TSB_93-015 Body 92-96   Broken Seat Belt Tongue Stopper Button
TSB_94-011 Electrical 91-94   Poor Reception or Interference on the Radio
TSB_94-012 Accessories 91-on   Out of Warranty Cellular Telephone Repair
TSB_95-006 Maint. PDI 95   NSX PDI Information
TSB_95-008 Heater/AC 91-92   Converting R-12 A/C Systems to R134a
TSB_95-011 Safety 91 <=001507 Front Seat Belt Buckle Campaign
TSB_95-015 Body 95 <=000781 Creaking From the Removable Roof
TSB_95-018 Accessories All   ETM Supplement: NSX Cellular Phone Troubleshooting
TSB_96-054 Body 91-96   Fuel Fill Door Won’t Open
TSB_97-005 Electrical 95-96   Radio Interference From Ignition Coil (s)
TSB_97-037 EPS 97 <= 000309 Product Update: Electric Power Steering (can be disabled if moved during start-up diagnostics)
TSB_97-041 Interior 91-97 91-96 All, 97 <=000301 Pop Or Creak From The Armrest
TSB_97-042 Interior 95-97 95-96 All, 97 <=000303 Door Lock Knob Needs Tightening
TSB_97-046 Body 98   1998 Acura Paint Codes
TSB_98-018 Body 95-98   Rear Pillar Creak
TSB_98-026 ECU 98 <= 000239 RPM drops too quickly when throttle released over 5000 RPM.
TSB_98-031 Emissions 95-97   Emissions Warranty Extension
TSB_01-007 ECU 00 2000 #3 – #23 Check Engine Light (MIL) may come on during warm-up if heater is in use