Sun Shades

Which Sun Shades Work Well?

[VB] Covercraft is the manufacturer and you can order one from Imparts at (800) 325-9043. Excellent piece. The only sunshade you’ll ever buy for you car.

[BZA] Another company that makes them is "Canvas Works" out of Sunnyvale, CA. The sun shade is called "Heat Shield". It’s silvered on the outside, white on the inside with a clear plastic film over in the inside. It’s custom-fitted for all cars, including the NSX. It rolls up and has a Velcro band to keep it that way when stowed. I purchased mine from my Acura Dealer, about $25 or $30. Scottsdale Acura keeps these in stock. Here in AZ, it’s required equipment.  Canvas Works customer service number is 1-800-777-6405. They should be able to give you distributor in your area.