How Can I Make Better Use Of The Existing Storage Space?

Seatback Organizer

[AW] Space inside my NSX is at a premium, especially relative to the 928 I came from which is like a station-wagon inside (I know, I know, outside too <g>), so I was happy to stumble on a couple low-cost solutions at my local Pep Boys, not the first place one would look for NSX accessories.

The first helps out in the passenger compartment: called a "Backseat Organizer" made by AutoShade of plain black nylon, it’s like an apron with four big velcro-closed pockets. At first blush it looks pretty ugly, but it turns out you can fit it to the back of the passenger seat of an NSX in such a way that it’s essentially invisible (perhaps less so with Ivory seats). It turns out the headrest section of the NSX seat is actually separate and suspended on two vertical chrome-plated rods, just like the typical adjustable kind, so you can route the organizer’s top straps around those rods and hide them between the headrest and the lower part of the seat. Now you’ve got four closable pockets on the back of the passenger seat to stuff maps, hats, gloves, spare window regulator motors, clutch disks, etc., into. (They’re a bit too small for a pair of A022’s). Run the seat almost all the way back and nobody knows it’s there but you. Furthermore, there’s no way the stuff in the pockets is going flying anywhere during any unplanned (?) violent maneuvers.

The other item is made by the same people and called "Trunk Organizer." Same concept, different shape. It’s just about the same width as the rear wall of the trunk, and about the same height. The manufacturer expects you to mount four male snaps to the trunk wall and snap the organizer to them. I found that a better and lower-impact solution is to punch four holes in the organizer (using a scratch awl or similar) that correspond in location to the four plastic "rivets" that attach the rear trim piece to the trunk wall. Then just remove the four rivets (both parts of each), push the "outer" rivet through the holes you just made, and re-install the rivet assemblies to the trunk wall. Now you’ve got four closable pockets to hold jumper cables, tools rolls, etc. Not that your NSX will ever need that stuff, but it’s nice to be able to help out the occasional 928 driver who’s three windshield washer pumps finally ran his battery down <g>.

Both of these guys are $10 each, as I recall, and took me less than 10 minutes to install.

If the material and/or appearance bothers you, buy one of each and have your local Gucci store copy them or take ’em to a Coach store. They’d look real good in flat black leather.

AutoShade: 609 Science Drive, Moorpark, CA 93021; 800-337-4233.