Steering Wheel

What Aftermarket Steering Wheels Can Be Installed?

[LL] I installed the MOMO CORSE, it’s about 7/8" smaller dia. I personally feel it makes a huge difference in steering "feel" and looks. If you remove the SRS sensors, you save 9-10 lbs. I had to fabricate my own hub as none were available at the time (big job – four individually machined parts required). King Motorsports lists a hub kit in their new catalog. Momo had nothing at the time. You have to get creative with the wiring as the stock unit uses a cable reel with flat wires that you have to tap to. The cruise is of course history (another 5 lbs gone).

The only negative is, besides potential legal and insurance problems (which are rapidly evaporating), is if you keep the wheel at it’s lowest tilt setting, the smaller and fatter rim gets real close to blocking the very tops of the tach and speedo. I do not have power steering and notice no difference in effort. The lower rotating inertia is perceptible though and I like that a lot.

If you do the job and have problems, feel free to private me. Also check out your hub kit closely, these things are notorious for poor quality (even MOMO’s).

[RM] Chuck, I have just replaced my wheel with the Antera Air Leather. Of coarse there is no longer an air bag, but the feel of the wheel is great. I used a MOMO hub kit that was ordered air mail from Italy. The MOMO USA warehouse did not stock the NSX hub nor have they ever sold one before. Give me a buz if I can answer any other questions.

[YH] The NSX-R comes with a Momo steering wheel. It should be noted that installing this steering wheel involves disabling the drivers side airbag. This may cause legal problems if you drive your car anywhere except the track. As with all NSX-R parts, you must have a registration certificate for an NSX-R and a contact living in Japan to order the parts and then ship them to you (if you’re not in Japan yourself). If you can manage all that, you can order: Steering Wheel Kit: 75,550. Yen