Spark Plugs (Maintenance)

Which Spark Plugs Should I Use?

NGK Website:
[AT] Replacements for the factory plugs are NGK PFR6G-11 or the ND (Nippon Denso) PK20PR-L11. These are the platinum tip plugs used on our car. They also cost around $8 each, far less than from the dealer. Just because the plug isn’t bought from the Acura dealer, as long as the plug number and brand is the same, the plug will be the same. Don’t use Bosch Platinum plugs in any of the Honda engine products. I’ve experienced poor results from them and the local Acura mechanics have mentioned poor performance from them in cars they have worked on. These should be pre-gapped from the factory but if you want to check they should be set a 0.043″ or 43 thousands. These plug numbers match the newer ISO standard.
[AMH – 10/5/5] The NGK OEM part number is different depending on the year of your NSX.
For 1991-1994 it’s: NGK PFR6G-11 (Stock# 5555)
For 1995-1996 it’s: NGK PFR6N-11 (Stock# 3546)
For 1997-2005 it’s: NGK PFR6L-11 (Stock# 4639)
The OEM plug is the NGK “Laser Platinum” series.
Where To Buy
[DNG] I found a cheap source for the factory NGK plug. Part number is: PFR6G-11. Company: Courtesy Distributing 909-679-7146, talk to Eric. Cost: $8.79/plug plus shipping.
[NN] You can have NGK finds the right plug for your car by entering the car info into their web site:
[AWL – 99/11/17] NGK Wholesale no longer sells plugs direct. They are $11.71 each now, not $8 or so as listed in the FAQ right now.
[AMH – 10/5/5] sells the NGK PFR6N-11 for $10.32 each with free shipping on orders >$25.