SmartTenna Performace

What is the SmarTenna?

[BZ] The SmarTenna was developed to fix a design deficiency of the Acura/Honda NSX stereo system: when the CD player is active, the power antenna remains extended for no useful purpose. Many NSX owners expressed their dissatisfaction on the NSX internet mailing list, including myself. Being an electrical engineer, I accepted the challenge of designing a device that would automatically "lower that damn antenna."

How does the SmarTenna work?

The SmarTenna connects in line with the CD player cable and monitors the digital communications data that is sent back and forth between the head unit and CD player. The SmarTenna recognizes when the CD player is active and when it is not active, and controls the power to the antenna motor accordingly. (Unfortunately, it is not smart enough to know when the cassette player is active; in this case, the antenna will remain extended.)


  • Automatically lowers the antenna when the CD player is active (within 5 to 7 seconds).
  • Unit remembers the position of the antenna when the stereo is turned off so it does not have to think when the stereo is turned back on.
  • Near zero current drain when the stereo is turned off.
  • Completely hidden when installed (installs in trunk).
  • Easy installation using simple tools. No wire cutting required.
  • Installation is reversible if SmarTenna is removed.


  • Power supply voltage: +11 to +20 volts DC; negative ground.
  • Current drain, stereo ON, antenna UP: 0.075 amps typical.
  • Current drain, stereo ON, antenna DOWN: 0.005 amps typical, 0.02 amps maximum.
  • Current drain, stereo OFF: Less than 0.00001 amps.
  • Ambient operating temperature: -20 deg C (-4 deg F) to +50 deg C (+122 deg F).
  • Mass: 60 grams.

Purchasing A SmarTenna

The SmarTenna is available from DALI Racing. 

Manufactured by: 

Bryan Zublin 

 Zublin Engineering 
 16212 Paragon Mesa Road 
 Poway, CA  92064 
 (858) 391-1322  (nights and weekends) 
 (858) 404-2724  (day time) 
 E-mail: or 
 Web page:

SmarTenna Installation

The full manufacturers SmarTenna installation instructions are available online in the DIY section of the FAQ.

SmarTenna Reviews and Comments

[WM] I installed my SmarTenna from Zublin Engineering today and it only took a few minutes and works great. I highly recommend it.

[LE] Installed the SmarTenna this evening. It went very smoothly and works perfectly. Probably the best money I ever spent on the car in terms of satisfaction per dollar spent! It is also one of the most professionally made and documented aftermarket products I have ever purchased.

[TS] I wont be the last one to announce it, but Smartenna is a clever device, cleanly engineered and easy to install. Highly recommended not only for its function but for the world of good installing it will do to your lower back.

"The SmarTenna is a first-class product, backed up by a first-class installation kit with first-class instructions. Installation was quick and  easy, helped by the photos in the instructions.

The unit performs flawlessly. It is even smart enough to stop the antenna from going up at all when you turn on the ignition if the CD player was in use. Only one wire needs to be cut, and it is part of the power antenna assembly, not the expensive NSX harness. Therefore, purists can easily restore the car to stock, though there would be little point in doing so, especially since the SmarTenna box has an NSX label on it." – Keith Jarett ’91

"OK boys and girls, add my name to the growing list of those who have installed a SmarTenna. This little device is as professionally done as any aftermarket device that I have ever seen, comes with clear do-it-yourself instructions, and it works! Not extending your antenna when playing CD’s will prolong your antenna life; the car looks better with the antenna down; and well, it’s just common sense that if it doesn’t need to be up it should be down, dammit." – Dave Goward ’91

"Just installed Bryan’s SmarTenna… what a beautiful installation kit! The whole deal took about 15-minutes — with the bulk of the time spent getting those damned plastic "buttons" out. Too bad most electrical installation kits aren’t this detailed. And the "product" is gorgeous too! Finished job looks *factory*. The antenna now works the way it always should have: no antenna when listening to compact discs, yea!" – Harry Somerfield ’91

"I must say, very impressive and very professionally put together! You could have fooled me! ;)" – Alex Vizcarra ’93

"Brian, nice job on the SmarTenna. It took one half hour to install, and I took my time. The instructions were good, and it worked as advertised on my ’95." – Bob Hogan ’95

"INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! This must definitely be the COOLEST accessory that I now have for my NSX. I couldn’t believe how easy you made the installation with the option to go back to stock. I got to hand it to you. You outdid yourself. A first class job. And those instructions!" – Vytas Banionis ’91

"First of all what a first class kit! BTW could you make it a little easier to install??!!! (just kidding!) Thank you very much! I love it!" – Steve Riter ’92

"Received and installed the SmarTenna, it works great! The instructions were incredibly easy, and the product is high quality." – Christopher Anders ’94

"I received my SmarTenna on Friday. I had planned all along to have it installed at the dealer next time I was in for service. I have not done any work on my car myself and was reluctant to cut wires, etc. After going over your very explicit and well written instruction manual I decided I had to give it a try. One half hour later I was cruising around listening to CD’s with my antenna down. Great product!!" – Ted Nelson ’96

"I received and installed mine yesterday. The whole process took roughly 40 minutes and worked flawlessly. Anyone interested in this piece should not hesitate to order one. Instructions, build quality, and performance are all top notch!" – Chris Mundy ’92

"I installed a Smart Antenna last night and it works great. It took me a total of 7 minutes from start to finish!" – Bill Peirce ’91

"Finally got around to installing my SmarTenna. The color version of the PDF file was the motivator. Plus, NSXPO is about 2 weeks away and the thaw is here in the Midwest. This is one SUPER COOL device. LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT!!!" –

 Dick Hackman '91