SmartShift Accessories

Note: Manufacturers full SmartShift installation instructions are available in the DIY part of the FAQ.

What is the SmartShift ?

The SmartShift model SS-300 monitors the engine speed and tells you when you have exceeded a pre-programmed limit. A typical application would be for a up-shift indicator light or audible beeper, with the RPM threshold set to slightly less than engine redline.

How does the SmartShift work?

The SmartShift connects to the tachometer signal to determine the engine speed. When the engine speed exceeds the preset RPM threshold, it will activate the output. The output will typically be connected to a dash mounted indicator light or beeper. It is also possible to use an existing dash light such as the brake indicator light.

Application for the Acura NSX

These instructions will show you how to install the SmartShift in your NSX. Once installed, the SmartShift will remind you to up-shift gears by illuminating the brake light on the dash board at a specific RPM threshold.


  • RPM threshold can be set to any value from 4000 to 10,200 RPM, in increments of 200 RPM.
  • Accurate to within 1%, better than stock tachometers.
  • Works on all 4, 6, 8, and 10 cylinder vehicles with fuel injection.
  • Output mode can be steady state ON or ON/OFF blink.
  • Simple installation using common tools. No wire cutting required.


Parameter Specification
RPM threshold accuracy 1%
Response time 3 tachometer pulses (8 ms for 6 cylinder engine at 7800 RPM)
Power supply voltage +11 to +20 Volts DC, negative ground
Output current 2 Amps, non-inductive. Note 1.
Current drain, ignition ON 0.005 Amps typical, 0.012 Amps maximum.
Current drain, ignition OFF Zero.
"Blink mode" rate 4 Hz
Tachometer load 100,000 ohms nominal
Tachometer input pulse Logic low: 0V min., 0.7V max. Logic high: 3.5V min., 24V max.
Ambient operating temperature -20 C (-4 F) to +50 C (+122 F)
Mass 67 grams

Note 1: If you plan to drive an inductive load such as a relay coil, mechanical buzzer or solenoid with the SmartShift , please contact Zublin Engineering for further application information.

Where can I get a SmartShift?

Available from Dali Racing and RM Racing