Salvage List

This is a USER MAINTAINED listing of salvaged / totaled NSXs. It is to be used to help prevent vehicles from being misrepresented for sale to unsuspecting buyers or for current owners to help learn more about their NSX’s past. Caution must be taken when using this list as for obvious reasons there is no way to ensure that ALL NSXs that should be on this list ARE on this list. If you know of an NSX that should be on this list, please add it! This list is only as good as the information that is added!
VINs are sorted by YEAR and then ordered by the serial number (last 6 digits) so that the list can be easily used. To add a new vehicle, click the EDIT button to the right of the YEAR you are adding. If you are unsure of the year, use the “Decoding an NSX Vin” section of the wiki ( To verify if the VIN is actually valid, you can use the VIN decoder that was created by Prime user Ojas here: Insert the VIN and any information you have about the vehicle where it fits by serial number. For vehicles that were not originally shipped to the USA there is a section at the bottom of the page for “International NSXs” where you can input the VIN and any information you have about it. Note that an ‘8’ as the high order digit of the 6 digit serial number means it was sold in Canada.




  • JH4NA1155PT000019 Per Carfax in this thread:
  • JH4NA1157PT000064 Totaled. Salvage Auction photo (11/17/09)
  • JH4NA1159PT000122 Totaled. This VIN # from is Acura. Salvage title issued January 1997 in Florida. Salvage/rebuilt title issued November 1998 in Illinois.
  • JH4NA1157PT000152 1993 White/Black “car has clean NJ Title. carfax show car had salvage title once (01/07), per for sale thread:
  • JH4NA1153PT000181 1993 Black/Black, per ebay listing “This car was not wrecked or totaled. Was stolen and stripped and insurance company put mark on title.”, lambo doors, 70k miles (1/28/2013)
  • JH4NA1153PT000245 1993 Red/Black NSX with hard front impact. Sold as salvage to Otero’s Auto Body, 1245 Jamacha Rd, Ed Cajon, CA 92019 on 12/21/00
  • JH4NA1159PT000251 Totaled. This VIN # from is Acura
  • JH4NA1157PT000295 I looked at this NSX today and it seemed to be sound, but the VIN numbers had been removed and there was a state of Florida VIN attached. The owner told me that she understood that his car had been stolen and stripped. I guess that the insurance paid off the original owner and a new title was issued. then the car went to an owner in Louisiana before returning to the current owner in Tampa FL. [TCR – 2001/5/30]
  • JH4NA1152PT000348 Totaled. This VIN # from is Acura
  • JH4NA1152PT000365 1993 White/Black, from ebay listing “It has a clean Georgia title—No salvaged title, but it does have a salvaged history.”, 93,258 miles (1/28/2013)
  • JH4NA1153PT000424 1993 Sebring Silver/Black-Totalled September 2005 at Road America, Wisconsin. Vehicle retained by owner and subsequently sold in damaged condition with clean title, as vehicle was too old to qualify for salvage title in Wisconsin. Repaired in Florida and sold to California. Vehicle later listed on ebay without disclosure of previous damage. Listing was removed by ebay when contacted by previous owner. The rear driver’s side frame rail was bent in the accident. In its current, repaired condition, the frame rail is not visible without removal of the fender.
  • JH4NA1156PT000434 Salvaged THREE times. First at 8000 miles in Texas, then at 12000, then near 20000. Paint work, body work (body panels misaligned). Drives straight, engine runs OK. Being misrepresented in Mid-Atlantic (DC/MD/PA) in Fall ’98.
  • JH4NA115XPT000449 1993 Black / Black – Totaled in Jan 2009 by Geico Ins Oxnard, CA. Damage to Left + Right Fender, Front Bumper, Hood, Headlights, Left & Right Fenders, Rear Bumper, Rear Deck Lid, Exhaust, Wheel, Broken Axle, Rear Suspension etc. The front left of the nose hit the inner barrier first and that sent the car back and forth between the barriers on a bridge. All body panels damaged but doors. No air bag deployment. Infor from thread in Owners Discussion
  • JH4NA1159PT000489 1993 Red/Black NSX with front impact. Sold as salvage Best Foreign Auto, 603 Todd Lane, Aliquippa, PA 15001 on 1/11/01
  • JH4NA1157PT000538 1993 Black/Tan or Ivory, Flood damage, miles at time of flood 107,311
  • JH4NA1150PT000543 1993 Red/Black NSX, right front fender damage and the insurance company totaled it. There’s no frame damage, and the repairs have been made with OEM parts,
  • JH4NA1154PT000545 1993 White/Black. Heavily stripped. CA salvage title, for sale at salvage broker in San Diego 3/20/2000.
  • JH4NA1155PT000599 Totaled. This VIN # from is Acura,
  • JH4NA1268PT000622 Totaled. This VIN # from is Acura





  • JH4NA2160VT000019 Blue/Black ’97 6-speed NSX-T. Rear-ended hard on the street and rebuilt by Acura. The repair involved cutting the back end off and welding a new one on. It was then sold at auction in the southwest US around the end of May 1998 and has changed hands through several wholesalers and independent dealers since. At least two dealers have been representing this car as “mint condition” and “flawless.” It is possible they do not know it’s real history because no salvage title was ever issued. Hence, a CarFax or similar title history search comes back clean! One wheel was also curbed at some point and possibly refinished. For sale at various third party dealers in the Phoenix, AZ area in early ’99 with around 14,000 miles for $62,000. Asking price then went UP to the upper 60s. Car was eventually sold to someone in Chicago in mid ’99 . [LE, A/H].
  • JH4NA2168VT000155 Per CarFax in thread:
  • JH4NA2166VT000168 1997 NSX-T Black/Tan, 6-speed with approx. 25,000 miles. 9/28/2002 spun exiting bend, left the road and demolished several fence posts that were set in concrete. Not rolled. Damage to both sides, heaviest damage to left rear. Body panel gaps have shifted, suggesting bent frame. Totaled by insurance company on 10/1/02, salvage certificate filed with the PA DMV. Dan Drake (PA)
  • JH4NA2168VT000172 Red/Tan ’97. Tangled with an immovable object on Jan 9, 1999. The car was declared a total loss. Titled in New Jersey in July ’99 with 16,954 miles. Still had a clean CarFax report as of Aug ’98. [BZA]
  • JH4NAZ166VT000204 1997 NSX-T Yellow/Black with 14,472 miles on the odometer. Damage to interior was limited to the airbags deploying. Estimate for repair was at 37k. with a bent frame. Trans was leaking fluid. Note: Car has no T-top or cat back exhaust on it. California car, wrecked late 2001.
  • JH4NA2161VT000272 Per CarFax in thread:








  • JH4NA21624T000019 2004 NSX Silverstone/Silverstone ( rare 23 made ) was damaged on a track spun out hit front fender rear quarter and rear bumper

miles at time of wreck 70K date 8-22-2012


International NSXs

  • JH4NA1156MT800033 1991 Red/Black with 23,116km on the odo. Canadian car, stolen by professional thieves, along with another high-end car, April 2002 out of the owners garage while he was asleep. Derick Linegar (Canada)
  • JH4NA1153MT800331 1991 Red/black. Canadian car. Spun, hit a curb and went into a telephone pole. Entire front crunched, roof buckled, glass broke. October 11, 1999 []
  • JHMNA11500T000815 European car. 1991 Black. Entire right side damaged, light damage on left rear. Sold wrecked in Naples, Italy in early 2000. []

Unsorted VINs

  • JH4NA??????000728 Stolen in FL, recovered in CA, sold with FL salvage title. Some paint work. [JT]