Rubber Trunk

Rubber Trunk Stoppers

This Wiki page was migrated over from the previous FAQ section. Prime member Phoenix was kind enough to supply pictures in this thread to better illustrate what and where to look.

[VB – 99/3/29] When you open the trunk and look at the strut (both sides) that keeps the trunk open, you’ll see the two aluminum arms that hold the trunk to the body of the car. Next to those two arms, hanging down from the actual trunk, is a little "tongue" that sticks out.

There SHOULD be a little rubber stopper (rectangular in shape) around that tongue. If you close the trunk and watch it carefully, you’ll see that it makes contact with part of the body. Don’t be surprised to see paint scraped off in that area if you are

missing this rubber stopper. Many NSXs that I’ve seen are lacking these "stoppers" and are unkowingly wearing the paint off that section of the inner body. I’ve seen a few worn down to the aluminum.

Honda makes this little rubber stopper and the part number is 74826-SL0-000. Can be ordered by any Acura (or Honda, I believe) parts shop. They run $2.66 each.

[VB – 99/5/17] Well, last week I discovered something. I gave a set of rubber trunk stoppers to a friend of mine for his NSX two weeks ago and when I saw his car again the other day, one of them was already missing! Must have falllen off.

I checked the "gutter" or channel area where the strut and trunk brackets are bolted into the inner fender and they were not there. Here’s where it gets interesting.

You follow that channel towards the rear hatch glass and you’ll see a hole. It’s about an inch or two deep and anything that falls in there would have to be pulled out. I shined a flashlight in there and what do I see? The rubber stopper was there AND the original one that came with the car. Checking the other side, I also found one in there too.

Another club member who bought an NSX a few months ago happened to join me so I checked his car. Naturally, the rubber stoppers were long gone. Checking the hole at the end of the channel, they were there!

So, to all that have purchased new rubber stoppers, check this area and you may find your originals. Keep them as a spare set.

What I think happens is that when the trunk is closed, the stopper is compressed and from opening and closing the trunk, it will start working its way sideways to the point where it falls off into the channel along the inner fender. Since you can’t see it in that area, checking in the "hole" was the next place to look.

So why don’t you go and check your cars and see if you can locate your spare set!

[DWG – 99/5/22] I followed his instructions and sure enough tucked away in the bottom of the hole at the end of the channel was my little rubber trunk stopper

[CMI – 99/5/22] I also found mine today

How To Keep Them From Vanishing

[JCR – 2000/9/22] When I bought my car the rubber truck stoppers were missing. I ordered a set from the dealer and glued them on using 3D Weatherstip Adhesive. I put a dab of adhesive in the center of the flat portion of each metal tab and then slid the rubber stopper over them. They have held on quite well.