Rev Limit Breakin

Is The Rev-Limited Foolproof?

[GM] I’d like to remind y’all that the rev limiter Honda so thoughtfully supplied on our toys does *not work* in mechanically-driven situations, like a downshift. Be careful playing near the redline!

Why Does The Rev Limited Activate Below 8,000?

Because you are trying to redline it before the engine has had a chance to warm up!

Stop Abusing Your Car!!!

[EBK] The engine will stop climbing according to engine temp. It will cut even below 6000rpm if your engine is real cold.

How Should I Break In The Engine?

All NSXs get a shakedown run around Honda’s test track in Japan after they are built.

[A/H] The early pre-production cars were run at high speed around the test track. We learned early that the engines didn’t like it. Now the factory doesn’t go over 5000 RPM when they run the cars around the track.

We also put in the owners manual that they should not rev over 5000 RPM for the first 500 or 600 miles.

What About "Break-In" Oil?

[BV] I asked him again about the break in oil and he said that he didn’t know the specifics of what was in it. But at an Acura school they did tell him it was "break in oil" and should be left in the engine for "a couple of thousand miles."

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