Repair Costs

How Much Does Various Repair Work Cost?
Below is a list of items that NSX owners have had serviced by Acura and the price they paid (or were quoted before going elsewhere).
If you have repair work done, please send the information (at least dealer, work done, cost breakdown) to the FAQ Administrator so it can be included.


Owner Dealer Part & Normal Cost Total Bill All 4 ABS solenoids $2600 parts, $115 labor $115 labor *
[RL] New Jersey Water pump (under $500 total, $170 parts) No Charge *
[HS] NorCal R12 to R134A conversion: $106.96 parts, $155.20 labor $262.16 parts and labor NorCal? Aspirator fan ($399 part), rear window struts ($38 parts), new airbox ($?), spool rings ($194 part). $317 labor *
[DN] Texas Front windshield, $750 quote from Acura $468 w/ tax from a third party
[HS] NorCal Trunk Struts No Charge *
[GM] Timing Belt $150, two accessory belts $100 $250 total
[FEQ] Akron, OH Recharge AC with R-12 $29
[FEQ] Akron, OH AC Evaporator Acura paid parts, he paid labor *
[SR] CA Install new transmission (one piece) $650
[CA] TX Clutch replacement (labor only) $500 labor (normally $800?)
Todd Bell John Eagle (TX) Clutch replacement (parts and labor) $2350 quote, $1900 after negotiation
[NM] MO AC compressor ($800 parts, $180 labor) $180 labor *
? Gary Force (TN) Power window regulator motor assembly ($550 parts, $300 labor) Quoted price
Don Cohn Sunnyvale (CA) Replace AC condensor and R134A retrofit $1,700
Luigi Borrelli Los Angeles, CA Replace drivers side power window regulator $625 total
Rich Propester Bob Howard Acura (OKC) Replace A/C evaporator coil $1100

Total Bill amounts with an asterisk (*) were at least partially goodwilled to them by Acura or their Acura dealer.

What Are “Goodwill” Repairs?
[KS, AW] Acura provides excellent customer service. For example, they frequently provide “goodwill” repairs for items not covered under warranty. This can mean reduced prices (such as them paying for parts and you paying only for labor) or, in some cases, free service where they provide both parts and labor at no charge.
The following factors seem to greatly improve your chances of receiving a goodwill repair, though none of them guarantees it:

  1. Having bought the car from the dealer in question
  2. Being the original owner of the car (i.e. you didn't buy it used)
  3. The repair being a very common and expensive one (such as the snap ring transmission failure)

As a general rule, it doesn’t hurt to ask if they will cover a common failure as a goodwill repair. The dealer can make the decision to cover it and then work with Acura to get reimbursed, or they can check with Acura first to see if they can get reimbursed for the work.
The decision to goodwill a repair can either be made on the spot by the dealer or by the regional service representative after they are contacted by the customer.
Some suggestions for handling goodwill repairs from Acura:

  1. Don't act as though Acura or the dealer owe you something.  Your attitude in dealing with the dealer or Acura rep have an impact on the decision, and a pleasant and friendly attitude can only help.  Goodwill repairs are, by definition, free parts and/or labor on a repair that is NOT covered by any warranty or recall.  They do not have to provide anything for free in this case, and they are doing you a favor if they provide a goodwill repair.  Thus, it is appropriate to act as though you are asking for a favor.
  2. Don't start a big fight with the dealer or Acura over it, it's not worth the aggravation or damage to your relationship with them.
  3. Consider checking with another dealer's service department to see if they'll pop for it, and if they do, promise to keep going there for service (and keep your promise).
  4. If you get the feeling that they are not going to goodwill the repair, tell your dealer something on the order of, "If I pay for this one, maybe sometime down the road there will be something you can help me out with" - in other words, use it to build up your own goodwill with them.

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