Peronsalized License Plates

Interesting NSX Personalized License Plates

Picture License Location Owner Comments
  19T MPH NV Will Berberich 1996 Berlina Black/Tan T – "one hundred ninety miles per hour"
4RENVME NJ Don Gallo 1992 Black/Black – "Ferrari Envy Me"
ANYTIME CA John Richards 1997 Yellow/Black NSX-T
  ARY NSX VA Ary Jogasurya 1991 Red NSX
  AVOID55 CA Doug Hayashi  
F16 JR CA Vytas Banionis 1991 Silver/Black – Junior version of an F-16 Falcon (my GSR is NSX JR!)
FASTNSXY NC Gary Yates  
  FSTR N U CA Ken Crowell 1991 Silver/Black
  HIKARI   Dennis Wu "It means light in Japanese…..Very fast Like Lighting"
  IN NSXTC CA John Feddock 1992 White/Black
  IN2STX GA   "Into Stocks" 2001 Black/Black NSX-T owned by Michael H. Moore Woodstock-Eagle Watch, GA
  LARETTO CA Jeff Laretto 1995 Black T
MS PURPL CA May Lee 1995 Midnight Purple Pearl NSX-T
  MY F16 CA Keith Jarrett  
  MYNSX AZ Bill Chizano 1992 NSX "TAITEC Monster"
  NSX CA Flora Kirchart 1991 Black/Black Comments: I was shocked to see I was able to get the first "NSX" plate! My sister asked "What does NSX mean? No sex?"
[[Image:23Rear.JPG|thumb]] NSX MI Dan Diehm ’91 Black/Black – Plate is self explanatory (but hard to get). I get a fair amount of lookers who circle the car and then say "a-ha" when they realize what the car is
  NSX-PERT FL Ray Aquit ’91 Black/Black (NSX Expert, Sex Expert)
  NSX.ACM CT Andrew Molenaar 1992 Red Black
  NSXLNT CA Candace Daly 1993 Red/Black – My primary car
NSXLR8 FL Dr. Robert Lane 1994 
  NSX ROX TX Roxanne Merizalde  
    Should be reserved for yellow NSXs.. hah
  NSXTACY WA J. Michael Edwards An amalgamation of my love of this car and my daughter’s name Stacy
Ken Sax
Greg Meluch
1991 Red/Ivory
1992 Red/Black
1998 Blue/Black
  NSXTSC   Tom Hunt 1999 NSX-T Super Charged
  NSXY TN Michael Spiceland 1991 Red
  NSX-TTT MD Robert Huyhn 1994 Green/Tan NSX-T Twin Turbo
  NSX TOY CA Harvey Wong 1991
NZL60 New Zealand "My plate is from New Zealand for America’s Cup. It reads NZL60, that is the name of our boat that won the old mug."
  PRIORTZ AZ Chris Williams 1993 Black/Black – "Priorities"
  SETAGOAL NC Randy Brazell 1992 Black/Black – "I lusted after this car for years and truly achieved it as a goal."
  SYONARA AR Paul Hughes 92 Black/Red. means "Hasta la vista, baby" in Japanese
  TOKYOTOY NY Miled Sahleb 1991 Silver/Ivory
  WARP 9      
  Y2K NSX CA Peter Wright 2000 NSX Coupe, Monaco Blue Pearl
ZUUUM TX Harry Elkin 1996 Red/Black -T