What Aftermarket Pedals/Covers Will Fit?


[AT] To help with the heel and toeing I’ve installed after market pedal plates from RAZO. They are made of aluminum with a stainless steel mesh in the middle to prevent slippage in case your feet are wet from the rain and the like. They are fully adjustable and fit over the stock rubber pads with little effort. Look great and work fine. Total cost for all three pedals was around $60. Part numbers used were RT24 and RT22. They’re from Japan and the instructions are the same but the illustration makes it easier for us college graduates to follow. Let me know if you can’t find them locally.

[JM] Pep Boys sells a rip-off of the Razo pedal set which they sell for $20 vs $65 for the real goods. Install was very easy, and they are fully adjustable as the Razo’s, making heel-toeing a cinch. Several list members have used these to good effect. Consider it another option.

DC Sports

[AWL] I just received my order of Titanium pedals from DC Sports. I was under the impression that these were made by DC Sports and specific to the NSX. However, they turned out to be regular Razo pedals…I think I could have gotten a much better price somewhere else had I know they were Razo’s.


[MFP – 2000/7/18] I just put on OMP pedal covers and I can heel and toe much easier now. They have the benefit of a having a number of holes to facilitate locating the drill holes. They are bigger than stock, but almost anything will be and with the bigger size there is very positive pedal feel. I like them a lot better than the stock pedals.

Do not get the ones that clip on to the pedals. They come off and are just plain dangerous.


[KG – 2000/7/19] I used Sparco (drilled) aluminum pedals. A pain to fit as drilling and tapping the pedals was a tortuous task. But they sit nice once on and I like them.

Stillen Miata Pedals

[GM] I used the set from Stillen designed for the Miata, fits great.

Any Hints On Installation?

[GM] A hint for drilling the pedals to install metal ones. Use high speed drills (the pedals seem to be steel) and make sure to use at least 2 holes per pedal to prevent them from slidinng on you.

[SSP – 99/04/04]  I don’t know for sure, but there may be a liability issue if someone crashes your car if it is equipped with aftermarket/custom pedals. I had a simple heel/toe accelerator pedal adapter in my RX-7tt when the local franchised tire center employee crashed it into a parked BMW during a test drive/joy ride a couple months ago. Although they and their insurance company eventually paid me for all my losses, the driver of the car blamed the crash on the pedals.

Luckily, no one was hurt and the employee was driving my car on a suspended driver’s license! The lack of a license gave him little credibility. That and witnesses who said that he was travelling over 70mph in the alley behind the shop before taking a blind left-hander before losing control. Given the circumstaces, everything worked out just fine by me. However, if things were a little different (someone was hurt), it could have been seriously ugly.

Although I’m no lawyer, perhaps the safest bet (liability-wise) would be to slightly bend the arm/lever of the accelerator pedal and move it closer to the brake pedal. Worked well in the my Miata, Suburu RS and eventually in my RX-7. Looks stock but still can work as well as (or better than) any aftermarket pedal set up.


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