Painting Calipers

[DNG] Folia Tec sells a paint caliper kit for $50. It comes with brake cleaner, epoxy paint, and hardner. Your choice of red, yellow, blue, black, silver, gold. Any import performance shop sells this stuff.

The kit tells you to mix all the paint and hardner (3:1) in one shot. I rationed it into 4 as the paint dries too fast for me to get all 4 calipers at once. Once the paint dries, it leaves a nice hi-temp gloss coat (brake dusts just comes right off).

You can paint the calipers without having to disconnect the banjo bolts. But if you’re planning to change the fluids, its easier to take the calipers off completely.

  1. The calipers are a two piece affair. This makes them full floaters and easier to change pads.
  3. Seperate the calipers from the pad holders.
  5. Spray clean with the brake cleaner (provided with the kit).
  7. Tape off the brake discs with masking tape.
  9. Mix paint and hardner (3:1).
  11. Use a high quality brush and paint like you would any metal objects. You really don't need to get at the back side as this area won't be seen.
  13. Once the paint has cured, reassemble the brakes and you're all set.

Optional: After the epoxy has dried, I took a Dremel tool and ‘sanded’ down the NSX logo giving it a brushed aluminum look. I then coated the logo with a clear coat to prevent it from rusting.

That’s all there is too it. I’ve have mine done now for 7 months. Very easy to clean.

[HS] Most high-temp paints actually *improve* heat disipation.

[WM] After one track session at Lime Rock last year, someone measured my brake temperatures at 550 degrees F with a pyrometer. They were so hot that the valve stem caps on the wheels melted.

[KH – 99/12/8] I think it looks great. The red is nice and shiny. I painted them while on the car. Took me about 2 hours to carefully paint them. I stuck a piece of paper between the rotor and caliper. Got some paint on the pads (outside).  Figured when I change pads the paint would be gone.

[Jeff – 99/12/8] My advice: This two-part paint has to be mixed, then has to sit for 15 minutes before applying. (1) divide the paint into four paper cups, (2) mix catalyst into *ONE* cup first (it will be sufficient for one side of your car, (3) paint the front first (larger caliper), then the rear, (4) note how much paint you have remaining, (catalyze however much more you will need to finish up.

I used a 3/4" wide brush. Anything larger is too difficult to work carefully, and anything smaller is inefficient.

I had all my wheels off, calipers cleaned, ready to go before painting. In fact, I think I used less than half the paint supplied, and they appear not to supply very much!

Where To Buy Folia Tec Paint Kit

D2-Technik in California at (877) CAR-STYL

[AWL – 99/12/8] Call the Zoo Factory at 616-553-6179 (Kalamazoo, MI) and ask for Knute (pronounced "newt"). They sell folia-tec and other such things. Tell them Andie Lin sent you. I’m sure they’ll be able to help you out.

[AH – 99/12/8] The Foliatec brake caliper lacquer kit is carried by Ultra Performance. They are on the web but their site is under construction. There are others – just pick up any of the import tuning magazines.

Ultra Performance

 5839 E. Speedway Blvd.
 Tucson, AZ 85712
 orders: 800-43ULTRA (800-438-5872)
 info: 520-290-3654

Folia-Tec Info

Folia Tec’s website is

Other Types Of Paint

[AF – 99/12/8] It is not necessary for you to buy FT’s kit. They are quite expensive. You can goto Pep Boys and purchase High temp engine paint and do you calipers that way. I did mine three years ago and I have touched them up once.

[Paul M – 99/12/8] I painted mine with high temp.engine spray paint. I used a shiny silver color that i sprayed into a cup and then applied with a small paint brush.It came pretty good and i haven’t had any problems with it.

[MBL – 2000/3/9] Although you can purchase caliper paint kits for about $50.00, I decided to try caliper spray paint obtained from a local performance shop. I purchased one can of red for $8.50 and my calipers are awesome.

Be advised that it very important to remove all traces of oil and other surface products. At first I tried brake cleaner fluid, bu the results were less than attractive. Eventually, I purchased some acetone from the hardware store, and this did an outstanding job of cleaning away all of the debris and oils.

One final touch that resulted in a first class look was to use a dremmel to buff away the surface of the NSX logo. The results were a logo with a brushed aluminum look. I then sprayed the logo with clear enamel paint designed for high temperature applications.

The whole project cost about $16.00 and some of my time. Well worth it.

Do It Yourself