Paint Touch-up

How Can I Touch-Up Small Paint Chips?

[AT] Touch up paint from Acura for the black roof is # NH-547 Berlina Black and it seems to match perfectly.

[] I found that an exact match for my slightly faded Red ’91 is: Dupli-Color GM SF 398 (Bright Red)


  •  Wash and thouroughly dry the area
  • Use mineral spirits, 3M Prep Sol, ammonia based glass cleaner or similar to remove all wax and oil from the area.
  • Apply touch up paint. Use the applicator provided or a toothpick for smaller areas. Apply several coats, building up the paint until it is a little higher than the surronding area. Follow directions re: drying time between coats.
  • Allow to dry thoroughly. Use a mild abrasive cleanser, like Zymol HD Cleanse, or 3M Perfect It Swirl Remover to polish the repair. The paint should blend into the surrounding area. This takes practice to achieve

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