Paint Protection

What Nose Masks Are Available?

Acura makes a nose mask to fit the NSX. It is available through any dealer. See Car Covers & Nose Masks for more information.

Are There Alternatives To Nose Masks?

[MC] 3M makes a clear protective film; I know of someone who put it on his black M3, and loves it. It’s basically a roll of film, and you can cut it up to fit any car. I plan to put this on my black NSX, but need to find a good body shop to do the install. Here’s the information I have on this product:

3M Scotchcal Paint Protector Sheet: Transparent Chip Guard – Heavy duty, self adhesive clear urethane film guards against stone chips on rocker panels, hoods and front and rear fenders. Tough adhesive adheres well, yet can be peeled off without paint damage. Measure 3.75" wide by 75" long. The Eastwood Company, page 97, cat #BWIN, winter, 1995, $29.95. Phone (800) 345-1178.

There are various part numbers for this product. I am going to assume that nobody will need 36 yards of the material.

 Part # - Size - Thickness
 84911 - 11.5"x75" - 8 mil
 To apply, clean the surface with a good degreaser/cleaner. Spray the area where the  Scotchcal Film is going to be applied with an isopropanol (rubbing alcohol)/water mixture  (I think it is a 15% solution but the directions would tell). This provides slip so that  the film can be moved around for awhile to get it into the right spot. Squeegee out the  water/IPA and let dry.

[2001/8/27 – KS] You can also read about it on 3M’s website at and you can buy it from Eastwood’s website at 

[LL] The type used by Porsche cannot be removed without possible paint damage. It also change the perceived color, except black.

From — Racing Tape: Protect your car’s paint from possible nicks and scratches at track events and long driving trips. Will not damage paint and is better than duct tape! Tape is 10 mils thick and comes 2" or 4" wide and 14′ in length. $7 and $12 per roll respectively plus postage. Paul Bianco 407 575-6966 (FL).

[MB – 99/3/7] Racer Wholesale also has racing tape in two widths at $7 and $15 respectively. They offer red, blue, green, white, black, silver, yellow, and orange. The catalog number is MAT0133 for the 2" and MAT1133 for the 4". When you order it, they will ask you which color. Their website is and the number for ordering is 1-800-886-RACE.

[CWI – 99/5/17] I had a few questions regarding what that clear layer of film on my car was at NSXPO. I used this film to protect my car for the road chip, er trip, down to NSXPO. The stuff is 3m Clear Contact Film. You can find it at your local Home Depot-esque store in the wallpaper section. Cost me I think 8 bucks for a roll.

My impressions: I traveled down from Seattle to Monterey for NSXPO with a good deal of the front section covered with this film. It goes on quite easy. On the contours, you will need to make slices into the film to allow it to conform to the sexy silhouette of the NSX.

I think it did a great job protecting the car. It is thick enough to shrug off small rock chips. The film comes off fairly well. Some of the adhesive stayed on the car, and came off with Windex (mild soap and water did not work). There was zero paint damage.

I then reapplied for the track day, which was a mistake for three reasons. 1. When people see pictures of my car on the track, they want to know why the front looks like it is covered in saran wrap 2. there was a minimal amount of debris on the track 3. The baking sun made a good deal of the adhesive stick to the car (which came off with Windex followed by a layer of wax).

IMO, it is a great idea for use on long road trips. However, don’t let the stuff bake in the sun, or you will have to spend a few minutes on removing the adhesive. If you are really worried, put a good layer of wax before you apply the film.

[AWL – 99/3/9] The stuff that 3M makes is applied like a vinyl decal. You have to clean the surface thoroughly, and then spray an alcohol/water solution on both the car body and the 3M clear "tape"and then position it on the car panel and squeegy out the water. When everything dries, it sets.

At The Track

[DH – 99/3/6] Wayne put on clear contact paper that you can get at any hardware store when he took his garage queen to its only track event. We peeled it off at the end of each day. He covered up part of the hood, the side vent scoops, and directly behind the wheel wells.

[RLW – 99/3/9] I can attest to the importance of using a car bra for the car on track events–I’ve had one for a year, about 15 track days, and it is chewed up, with several holes in it. And, I’ve only spun off the track twice in that time, the rest is from other cars kicking up rocks etc etc. I strongly recommend protecting the car if you are ever going to track it. A for the street, I don’t like the look, so I take my chances.


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