What Other Media Appearances Has The NSX Made?



[[http://www.wfb4.com|Bill Bennett] is a Cinematographer / Director of Photography based in Los Angeles California. Bill specializes in shooting television commercials in the 35mm motion picture film format for television release. The image above is one frame from an Acura NSX commercial shot at Road Atlanta, Georgia, USA. 

Alamo Car Stereo & Alarms

Uses a white NSX coupe in their San Antonio yellow pages ad for 2001. Arelli Wheels

Drag Turbochargers

270 HP Integra = NSX? Uh, yeah, ok…

Drag Wars

Eagle One

Red NSX with chrome Forgline RS wheels in Eagle One car care products ad.

Electric Lightwave

Electric Lightwave has been advertising in the Sacramento local newspaper using a partial side picture of a Zanardi NSX.


Enkei Wheels

Black NSX in a long-running Enkei ad. Enkei made the OEM wheels for the NSX Type-R.

Goodridge Silicon Hoses and SS Brake Lines

[MJ] I noticed in Turbo & High Performance Magazine (March 98) that on page 39 the Comptech Realtime Racing cars were featured in an ad for GOODRIDGE silicon hose and SS brake lines.


[MF – 2000/1/22] I was just watching television, and a commercial promoting Honda came on. It was showing all the different things that Honda makes, like lawn mowers, snow blowers, and such. It gets good when two guys pull back the doors to their garage and the camera pans past a beautiful red Zanardi NSX in the garage. The commercial ends with, "Honda. You thought we only made cars". Pretty good commercial if you ask me.

Lexol Leather Care

LEXOL products uses the NSX interior in their advertising

Nitto Tires

Adam Suruwatari’s drag car in a magazine ad from early 2001

  Pert Shampoo

[KS – 2000/1/9] There’s a new commercial for Pert Plus shampoo which features some rapid-fire editing. Look closely and you’ll see a split-second shot of a black NSX driving by.



There is a yellow NSX in an NGK TV commercial. It’s shown for about 1/3 of the commercials air time going through some slalom cones on a wet track. The camera is moving around the car quickly and they’re changing angles from one shot to another. They finish by saying "THINGK FAST!"

San Diego International Auto Show

[CSI – 2000/1/23] A commercial for the San Diego International Autoshow just aired a few minutes ago on KUSI Channel 9 here in San Diego. They flashed videos every 1-2 seconds of different cars. Apparently, they loved the NSX so much that they showed it TWICE! A red one and a yellow one. Sidewinder

Solarize Window Tint

Uses a blue NSX-T used in their ad in the San Antonio yellow pages for 2001.


Velox Wheels


Car and Driver Desk Calendar

May 4 1998 – Picture of yellow NSX-T with caption: "Honda continued to refine its stellar but slow-selling NSX in 1997, adding an uprated 3.2 liter V-6 and six-speed transmission to the $84,000 exotic’s resume. Larger brakes and revised steering also made news, but the real improvement was the jump in horsepower, from 270 to 290."

April 4, 1997 – Picture of black 1995 NSX-T with the caption: "Automotive history is filled with good cars that never succeeded, but very few great ones suffered the same fate. Acura’s NSX-T is one of them. At it’s 1991 intro, it had eveything — horsepower, brakes, handling, comfort — yet never caught on with American buyers. The addition of a Targa top in 1995 did little to boost sales."

1999 – [MCA] The Exotic Sports Car Calendar — published by Browntrout – includes a 1997 Kaiser Silver NSX-T

1999 – [MCA] Fast Expensive cars — published by Worldwide – includes a red NSX-T (I think its pre-97 from the chin spoiler)

Geek of the Week

Press CD-ROM

[MS] There is an NSX Press CD for MacIntosh computers. It seems to have originally come from Japan. It was developed using Director for the Macintosh. (There is no PC or Windows version!) It was given to the press to help them understand the introduction of the Honda NSX.

It contains three different areas to visit. The first is an interview area where you can talk to the project leader, two test drivers, the interior designer and two aliens. (Yes, aliens. See below) The interviews provide information on the philosophy behind the development, the interests of the developers, and some specifications on the car. QuickTime movies are included and you can even paint the car one of the original design colors.

The second area allows you to create a movie ad of the car. You create a story board of five segments and one sound track. There are five sets of about 20 film clips to choose from. They vary between pictures of the NSX-R on the race track, to pictures of the NSX from a helicopter, to quiet pictures of the NSX cruising on twisty road in the fall with all the leaves blowing around. You put together the ad, the computer formats it all and plays it back for you.

Finally there is an interactive story, where you guide a character through some situations. Something about the NSX being the guiding star for our hero. But it plays too fast on a newer computer such as a Macintosh 8100.

The CD is full of quirks. It definitely has a Japanese sense of humor, with a hidden smoking room where you can order drinks and smokes. There is another hidden area that contains extra video clips, some of the NSX-R. And the performance is not stellar. The CD has most of the content in hidden files under HFS, but it might be fun for someone to extract them and make them available on the Web.


September 1, 2002 Sunday Times – London, Motoring, "Honda’s NSX Shows Why Ayrton Was The Greatest" by Andrew Frankel


August 8, 1999 Sunday Times – London, Features, "[[Motoring_August_8_99|The Dark Horse]] " by Andrew Frankel.

"The Honda NSX should have ruled the world. Andrew Frankel hails Japan’s forgotten supercar."

September 13, 1998 Boston Globe – "A Toy For The Rich" by John R. White. Somewhat positive, somewhat negative review of the car containing several factual errors. [[Boston_Globe_Sept_13_98|Click for Article]]
October 3, 1999 Boston Globe [[Boston_Globe_Oct 3_99|Click for Article]]
June 14, 1997 [[Image:sterling11.JPG|thumb|none]]Rocky Mountain News – "[[Rock_Mountain_News|Troopers Slow Quick-Moving NSXs]] " by Bud Wells.

The story of 11 NSXers caravaning at triple-digit speed to NSXPO ’97 and their subsequent ticketing.

Associated Press

LOS ANGELES (AP) — John DeLorean doesn’t make them anymore, but his passion for cars is clear. The former GM executive has been embroiled in about 40 legal cases, including cocaine smuggling, bankruptcy and divorce and a stock swindle. But he put those worries aside to consider his nine all-time favorite vehicles for an upcoming issue of Esquire magazine. "I believe great cars are generally the product of the intellect and dedication of a single man," he writes.

So perhaps it’s not surprising that Henry Ford’s Model T tops his list. His second-best favorite is a car of his own design, the Pontiac GTO. Runners-up were the Ferrari GTO, Acura NSX, Austin Mini, Lotus 25, Mercedes 300SL Gullwing, Mercedes S600 and Citroen SM. And what does the former designer and builder drive today?

Fourth-favorite, the Acura NSX. "Mechanically, it’s a fantastic piece of equipment," DeLorean writes.

Video Games

Playstation 2 – Driving Emotion Type-S

Playstation 2 – Gran Turismo 2000

Sega Dreamcast – GT-2

Sega Dreamcast – Sega GT

Web Sites

CBS Car Wizard

[WM – 99/4/19] I was just looking at the CBS CarWizzard Web Site and does anybody want to guess what car is right on the opening screen. I give you all a hint – it is even shown in the best color – Berlina Black. Of course I barely even noticed the Viper GTS also on the page.

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