Organizing Events

How Can I Organize An NSX Event?

These comments are for non-track events:
Publicize the event in advance. The NSXtra can print a blurb and you can get some attendees that way.
Have a main contact for information. Compile phone numbers, addresses, and/or e-mail addresses of expected attendees. Make copies of the list to hand out at the event.
Start the event late morning (10:30 works) and be at the dealer for a few hours to give stragglers a chance to arrive. Most people will drive in that same morning.
Plan the sponsor site. A dealer can arrange for their mechanic to be there and put a car on the lift. They can also contact their own customers.
Plan lunch. It worked much better to arrange for pizza in the dealer’s conference room than to have someone run out for burgers to eat sitting on the lawn in front.
Plan the drive. Have a pre-planned route that everyone can follow. Have someone drive it in advance of the event. Hand out maps and
instructions. Fun roads (twisties) help. Use timing checkpoints in case you get separated.
Figure out a way to keep the group together en route. People can get lost from wrong turns, traffic, etc. At the California events, they rent walkie-talkies to keep the group together. Another alternative mentioned by someone on the list is a rule of “if you can’t see the car behind you, wait up for them before making any turns”.
An earlier dinner (say 5:30 or 6:00) will permit more people to attend and then drive home the same night. If it’s 7:00 people will want to stay overnight.
If it’s likely that people will want to stay over, find a decent, inexpensive hotel with secure parking for them to stay at. If there are enough people, you can even get a price break on the rooms.
It’s nice to provide some item for people to take with them – mousepads, shirts, etc. It’s also nice to give a few to the sponsor where the event is held.