Oil Pan and Oil Pan Gasket

[BSD] The front side exhaust pipe running from the manifold to the catalytic converter runs right under the oil pan. Since the car doesn’t have headers, but, instead, a small manifold, this section of removable tubing is possible.

First, remove this section of tubing: remove 2 bolts holding tail end of exhaust tube to car.

Then, remove 3 bolts (14mm) on each end of tubing which holds the tubing to the manifold on one end and catalytic converter on other end. The tubing is flexible so it can be removed without removing any other parts.

Remove engine brace (two bolts) which connects near oil pan. This piece partially blocks the path of the oil pan from coming down. You may need a breaker bar for the exhaust bolts. Plan on grunting.

Make sure engine oil has been drained, remove filter.

Next, remove 8 kagillion 10mm nuts and bolts holding oil pan to block. I left two of the nuts on a few twists opposite from each other such that I only had two left to remove when holding the pan up with one hand, holding the wrench in one and twisting with another. Oil pan will come almost straight down.

Remove oil pan gasket (mine was hanging from block).

Clean block and pan so new filter will have smooth surface.

Oil pan gasket will only fit on pan one way. It has to be right side up and rotated correctly. One of the four ways fits perfectly.

I put the gasket on the pan and lifted it up to the block. Once it was aligned correctly (where I could see that the gasket was on straight and not blocking any bolt holes, I put on two nuts to hold it (finger tight).

Next, put in the rest of the nuts and bolts finger tight. There is a torque sequence (9 ft lbs) that starts in the middle of the pan and works across and out towards the edges.

Replace engine brace, exhaust tubing, oil filter and oil.