OEM Phone

Who Makes The OEM Phone?

[CEW, LW] The factory phone is made by Motorola, though it is proprietary and available only through Acura. It is set up with voice prompting as well as automatic interaction with the radio. The microphone and associated buttons take the place of the little storage area in the center console (found just behind the shift pattern diagram). The speaker used for hands free operation is centrally located between the seats. Aftermarket phones can be installed but will probably not be able to integrate with the stereo.

Some people tend to get feedback when they turn the volume up using the speaker phone. But it is great to "just talk" rather than bother with a handset. It’s a lot safer than using an handset. The second gripe is that the phone takes up virtually all of the storage space in the center console area and the phone is not exactly the easiest to replace in it’s plastic holder. While the factory phone does have advantages, many people prefer a regular cell phone. Why? You can take it with you, while the NSX phone is "married" to the car.