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Welcome to the NSX Wiki Project!
The NSX Wiki is the future user-editable home for all the information currently located in the NSX FAQ. Any registered user on NSX Prime can edit or create new content in the NSX Wiki, and NSX Wiki discussion pages link to discussion threads in the message forums.
The NSX Wiki is running MediaWiki – the same software used for Wikipedia. The software is extremely powerful and can be heavily customized, but at the same time it is easy to get started right out of the box.
All users NSX Prime members are invited to begin creating and organizing content in the NSX Wiki. Anyone with experience using MediaWiki (or willing to spend some time learning) who is willing to help establish templates and categories would be greatly appreciated. NSX Wiki content should be written in a professional and objective style from a neutral point of view, citing sources whenever possible. Please do not use the NSX Wiki to “sell” anything.

Getting started

Most people have read Wikipedia entries but may not be familiar with editing or creating content – It is actually really simple. To edit content, simply click the “edit” tab at the top of any page.
Creating an NSX Wiki page is also very easy. Before creating a page, please search to ensure that a page for the topic you have in mind hasn’t already been created. If there is no existing page for the topic, the easiest way to create content is to simply append a title onto the NSX Wiki base URL, e.g. http://www.nsxprime.com/wiki/%5BTITLE%5D — So, for example, to create an NSX Wiki entry about tires, you would enter http://www.nsxprime.com/wiki/tires in your browser’s address bar and press enter. As long as no such page exists, you will be presented with a link to create an entry with that title.

Table of Contents

Until there is more structure, here is how you can find stuff.
FAQ_Migration maps old NSX FAQ entries to new homes in the NSX Wiki.
Allpages lists all pages in the NSX Wiki.

Additional Resources

Consult the WikiMedia User’s Guide for information on using the wiki software.
Take a look at the Wikipedia Tutorial for tips on editing, formatting, categorizing, etc.
NOTE! Please use the Sandbox for playing around and learning how to edit or format your content. This will avoid “junking up” the edit history on “real” NSX Wiki pages.
Please use the FAQ Migration Status page to see which FAQ entries need to be migrated. Please also be sure to update the migration status table when you migrate a FAQ entry to the wiki so the system administrator will know to replace the old FAQ page with a link to the new wiki entry.

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