NSXPrime:Account Help

Account Registration Issues

The system will not accept my e-mail address

To register an account on NSX Prime, you must use a one of the following types of e-mail address:

  • ISP-provided address included free with virtually all Internet service (e.g. verizon.net, comcast.net, rr.com, etc.)
  • School (.edu) address
  • Military or government address (.mil or .gov)
  • A domain from a real, legitimate company or organization (.com, .net, org). This means there needs to be a real website at http://www.whatever.com or http://www.whatever.org for a real organization or business.

The following types of e-mail addresses are not supported on NSX Prime. The system will automatically block many such addresses. Any account registered with such an address not automatically blocked will be suspended without notice:

  • NOT ALLOWED: Systems that provide free web-based e-mail (e.g. hotmail.com, gmail.com, and yes even aol.com)
  • NOT ALLOWED: Parked / “search page” domains
  • NOT ALLOWED: Any address where I cannot easily determine who owns the domain

The system will catch some “partial matches” – for example, usa.com is blocked because it is an empty domain. The way the system works, this will also block an address such as widgetcompanyusa.com since it ends with usa.com. If you believe something similar is affecting you, please e-mail me with the subject “Registration Help” and be sure to include:

  • That you believe your e-mail address is being blocked because it is a partial match to a the user name you want to register with so I can create an account for you.

Please do not bother requesting an exception – I will not respond. To have your NSX-related e-mail go to your preferred webmail account, register with an acceptable type of e-mail address and create a rule or filter to forward all mail from the address on the automated registration response e-mail to your webmail account.

Outside the US

Due to the incredibly high amount of spam and other problems from many countries, I have blocked a lot of major ISPs and IP address ranges for countries outside the USA. If you find your ISP e-mail or IP address has been blocked, please e-mail me with the subject “Registration Help” and be sure to include the user name you want to register with so I can create an account for you. Please note that the same restrictions against free webmail, parked domains, etc. still apply.

I registered, but I can’t a message or send a PM

Your account needs to be activated. You must activate your account when:

  • You first register an account on the system
  • Any time you update your registered e-mail address

The system automatically sends an e-mail with a link to activate your account when you register or update your account with a new e-mail address. Simply click on the link in that e-mail. If you have trouble clicking the link (some e-mail programs do not like long URLs), the e-mail also contains a short link to the Activate Your Account page and an activation code you can enter manually.
If you never received the activation e-mail, you can go to the Email Activation Codes page and have the system e-mail you another activation e-mail. Be assured that the system is sending these e-mails. The system sends thousands of e-mails a day, and if it was broken I would know it very quickly. If you are not receiving the e-mails, it is because your e-mail provider is filtering your e-mail. Check your spam settings / folder, or talk to your e-mail provider.

Existing Account Issues

I need to change my registered e-mail address

Simple. Go here: http://www.nsxprime.com/forums/profile.php?do=editpassword
If the system does not accept your new e-mail address, see “The system will not accept my e-mail address” under “Account Registration Issues.”

I forgot my password

For security reasons the system is configured so nobody, not even the administrator, can look up your password. If you are getting a password error when you try to log in, use the Lost Password Reset page to reset your password. You must have access to your registered e-mail account to use this function.

I can’t post a message or send a PM

You changed your e-mail address and did not reactivate your account. Please see the same topic under “Account Registration Issues” for a detailed explanation.

How can I change my user name?

The system will not let you change your own user name, but I can do it for you. Please send an e-mail with the subject “User name change” and include the following information:

  • Your current user name
  • Your desired user name
  • Your registered e-mail address, if you are sending the request from a different e-mail account

Then please be patient. This is a low-priority task and it may take weeks for me to get to it. Please don’t send the request multiple times. I will get to it when I have time.

How can I delete my account?

Users cannot delete their own accounts. I do not delete accounts. If you wish to discontinue using NSX Prime, simply log out and do not log back in.