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Hello NSX Prime,
I bought my 91 NSX last year with 23K miles. I put 6K on so far and now the clutch is going bad. I had Chris at Flatirons Acura drive it and he confirmed the clutch was going out. It is important to note that after my first call to Chris, he quoted a $2500 price……….
After we got back to Flatirons Acura in Boulder, CO; the service guys quoted me $3100 for the OEM (dual disc) version and $3300 for the Comptech version. After a service call with another customer, he then quotes me $3300 for the original version. I asked him why, because his service guys quoted $3100 while he was in the back with a past invoice shown to me directly.
Chris then comes from the back to tell me that the Comptech clutch went up in price and it will be $3.3K. I tell him I am going with the OEM clutch and he said that clutch just went up in price this year and it will be $3.3K also! Wow, I allow for his up sell and call Mark from Mile High Acura while I was being quoted by Chris’ service guys.
I read earlier that month on NSX Prime that people pay from 1.3K to 2.5K in the cost to replace the clutch with the throttle bearing most of the time.
I went to Mile High Acura and Mark the service guy there quoted $2.8K for the cost of replacement. Fair price but the NSX tech there, Brandon, is no longer around…..
I heard bad things about the Pikes Peak Acura service guys riding the cars while under maintenance, but good things about Paul. Still an option and did not get a quote from him….
But I was wondering if anyone knew of somebody that works on NSX in the Denver, Colorado Area? I heard Chris is good, but he was trying to pull off a $3300+ invoice on something that costs $1200 in parts. I don’t care how good he is, but just to try to charge me extra PISSES ME OFF. Especially when his service guys are showing me past invoices a couple months back showing me he is clearly trying to up the rates on me….
Please don’t talk trash if you guys happen to like Chris, I am sure he is a good tech. I HATE KEYBOARD WARRIORS, so ANYONE involved with this story and disagrees with my claims can call me ANYTIME at 303.525.2036, if they want to disagree with me personally, then email me at suke@mcad.com and I will send you my physical address to handle it like men.
Anyone wanting to help, I thank you in advance as I am very new to the NSX owner world.
Suk Lee
91 Berlina NSX 29K
08 Black Pearl Tacoma TRD Trail Edition

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