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Acura Driver Magazine

While not strictly an NSX-related publication, Acura puts out “Acura Driver” magazine. Starting with the Fall/Winter ’97/’98 issue there is a section titled “NSX Corner” devoted entirely to the NSX and related issues. The Executive Vice President of the publishing company is an NSX owner and enthusiast.
[KS, EBK] People on the list have been wondering about receiving Acura Driver magazine. Here’s the scoop. I just got off the phone with one of the editors there. They have had a tough time pulling together all the addresses of Acura customers over the past couple of years since they’ve been publishing the magazine. They have most of the names and addresses of buyers of new Acuras, but they have particular problems with buyers of used Acuras and, sometimes, with lessors of new Acuras. For used cars, they pull DMV records from states that permit that, but many states do not. They’ve had problems but they’re working on it.
They want to send the magazine to all US owners of Acura automobiles. If you are not sure whether Acura has your name and address, or if you have not yet received any issues of Acura Driver, please get in touch with them. You can contact either Acura or the actual publisher of the magazine (Pace Communications) to make sure you get on the mailing list. Interested Canadian owners should phone Acura Canada at (416) 284-8110 to be put on the mailing list.
Acura Driver magazine publishes one issue every six months. So even once they have your address correctly, it may be a while before the next issue comes out.

NSX Driver Newsletter

NSX Driver is the quarterly newsletter of the NSX Club of America. Published three times a year at 16 pages and once a year at 24 pages for NSXPO event coverage, the newsletter features NSX and Honda motorsports stories and opinions, interviews with leading NSX owners and racers, product tests, coverage of club events and reports on aftermarket performance upgrades. Issues are free with membership in the NSX Club of America or back issues can be purchased for $10 each from NSX Driver, 2506 Alpine Way, DULUTH, GA, 30096. Have an interesting NSX story to share with others? Please send material for publication to the same address or nsxdriver@nsx.net

NSXtra Newsletter

[KS, CC] The NSXtra Newsletter is n eight-page monthly newsletter published since February 1992 by Curtis Clark. It’s done in a 4-color precess. Subscription price is $69 per year ($99 for two years). To subscribe, or for more information, contact:
Curtis Clark
P. O. Box 6467
Corpus Christi, TX 78466-6467
Phone: (888) 4NS-XTRA [aka (888) 467-9872] or (361) 883-1585
Fax: (361) 883-3711
E-mail: nsxtra@ccinternet.net
Web: http://www.nsxtra.com