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Manager: Daniel Lee
NSX Prime account: iLiftSystems (click to view feedback)

111 Hekili Street A-333
Kailua, HI 96734

Phone: 559-464-5438

iLIFT Intelligent Suspension Lift System for automobiles, NSX top mounts, Coil-Over Suspensions, Swift Springs.

“iLift Systems, by Stealth Innovative Systems LLC, home of the revolutionary iLIFT Intelligent Suspension Lift System for automobiles.

With multiple Patents Pending, the iLIFT is a revolutionary aftermarket vehicle lift system that raises the height of vehicles to increase ground clearance and avoid scraping on obstacles such as speed bumps and steep driveways.

The iLIFT works in conjunction with aftermarket coilover suspensions. The iLIFT preserves the high performance functions of aftermarket coilover suspensions and the vehicle’s alignment by acting as solid spacer on the top of the coil spring when driving in the normal, lowered state. When additional ground clearance is needed, the vehicle is quickly raised. After the obstacle has been passed, the iLIFT system lowers the vehicle back to its normal driving stance.

The new iLIFT systems allow cars to be “dropped” lower for better performance and appearance without the fear of scraping on uneven road surfaces.

The iLIFT has been intelligently designed and engineered to raise and lower vehicles on demand. iLIFT systems are designed to fit into vehicles with very limited space requirements. The components have been engineered to be compact yet robust to accommodate a wide range of vehicles and are especially suited for high performance sports vehicles where minimizing size and weight are important.

Authorized Dealer for: KW, BC Racing, Buddy Club & Swift Springs”


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