Speedy Parts Japan

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Owner: Marc Perez
NSX Prime account: SpeedyPartsJapan (click to view feedback)

Shiba 1-3-7

Phone: 807-845-2939


NSX products, either OEM or Aftermarket, straight from Japan.

“We only sell the highest quality parts for Japanese vehicles.  Our customer service is on the dot and one of the best in the industry. All our parts are shipped at low cost via air from Japan!

We are strongly against any copies or replicas. We do not sell any counterfeit products. Only ORIGINALS and UNIQUE items.

We do not sell any cheap parts. We only sell top quality parts for our top quality customers.


We order 100% authentic parts from our local Manufacturers here in Japan for your replacement needs. Any company from Honda to Whatever. We have it covered.

We will make sure that your parts are available first before proceeding with the order. We will also let you know if your inquired product is in stock or if still available.

Please email your order list and we will get back to you with a full quote.


Choose from our catalogue of available parts for your appropriate vehicle! We have a range of many parts for different vehicles. We also cover the racing divisions.


We bid on the parts you want at your highest total. The remainder if not used will be sent back or can be used towards shipping. We will also translate these parts in the description so you will always know what you are buying. Also, we provide other solutions in case the item you are looking for is no longer available.
Not there? Don’t see the parts you want? No worries. Just contact us and we can get you the part at a competitive rate!”


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