Affinity Aero

Vendor Listing

President: Cody Loveland

NSX Prime account: Affinity Aero (click to view feedback)

301 North First Street
Buckley, MI 46920

Phone: 231-499-3912 10am-6pm eastern FIRM.  Before/after hours calls will be sent to voicemail and returned the following day if necessary.

Products: Hardcore, functional aerodynamic components in both budget-friendly alumalite, and carbon fiber.

“We have been tampering with aerodynamics on LoveFab, Inc. vehicles since 2007, with the builds and results reaching worldwide accreditation and international podium results (Pikes Peak 2012).  We decided to launch all of the aerodynamic products under a new entity, Affinity Aerodynamics, LLC.  Our goal is to provide the most radical and functional aerodynamic components available for the NSX, and other chassis platforms as time progresses.  We are expanding our product line at a rapid pace, so stay tuned.”


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