NSX For Daniel

NSX for Daniel (a-la-Cat in the Hat)

 by Daniel Seidner

Can you get me some cool vtec?

 I need some HP to kink my neck.

Something blue, silver or yellow,

 nothing black, my dear friend, fellow.

I’d like a coupe, it’d sure be nice,

 but a targa's ok, for a very smart price.

I need 6 gears forward, one gear back,

 I'm tired of "automatic" when at the track.

I need a car that’ll get supersonic,

 Its been fun but I'm done with teutonic.

I’ve done my time driving with 4 doors,

 can you help me get a car like yours and yours and yours?

Steel is great, but I find aluminum is better,

 I'm looking for a car that loves sunny weather.

I’ve been a fan, count, 9 years long,

 I want my prize, but priced at a song.

My obsession is unwaivering and seemingly chronic,

 So if you can, please help me find, my Japanese exotic.