Wheel-Tire Experiences

The bulk of the content of this Wiki page came from a thread started by Angus which can be found here. It was started in response to the frequent “what rims fit my car” or “will these fit” threads.

Angus’ Experiences

I am going to list what fits in the two most popular size combos:
– 17″/18″
– 18″/19″
… with a little deduction you will also be able to determine wether your 15/16, 16/17, 17/17, 18/18 combos will work too.
So here we go:


Front wheels:
– 18X7.5, +45 (very inset) to +30 (very flush and depending on tire choice, possibly risky)
– 18X8, +48 (again very inset) to +33 (again very flush, use caution – and narow tire)
– 18X8.5, +48 (yes very inset but the rim is wider) to +42 ( it should be noted that the tire will be very, very stretched and this is not for everyone)
Rear wheels: *** It MUST be noted that the NSX suspension geometry is such that when lowering the car, the rear will pull the tire inwards significantly, allowing a lower offset – lower number means wheel sticks out more – thus your wheel that was “flush” at stock height will no longer be flush, keep this in mind and know that the lower offset REAR wheels listed here will only work with lowered cars*** – wheels marked (*) are for lowered cars –
– 19X9 (very narrow wheel but can work, not “optimal”) +40 to +30*
– 19X9.5 +45 to +28*
– 19X10 +45 to +28*
– 19X10.5 +45 to +29* ( at the lower offsets your car will need to be quite low and use a stretched tire (265/30/19) to clear fenders)
– 19X11 +45 to +36*


Front wheels:
17X7 +40 to +30
17X7.5 +44 to +32
17X8 +48 to +33
17X8.5 +48 to +40
Rear wheels:
18X8.5 +40 to +30 (this width NOT recommended but will work)
18X9 +40 to +30 (minimum rec’d width)
18X9.5 +45 to +33
18X10 +45 to +30
18X10.5 +45 to +30
I am going to say that these are only my estimates for wheel fitment and they probably don’t agree with what everyone else says but I have spent a long time fitting wheels to the NSX and these are MY findings.
While there are more aggressive fitments that can and have worked, I am thinking that the ones I have listed are about as aggressive as one would want to go in general – a person who is looking for advice on what to get is probably not trying to go 101% in the fitment department if you know what I mean – on the other hand, someone who wants the maximum “hella flush” setup will not need this advice either…
When questioned why Angus’ recommendations for offsets weren’t the same for a given wheel width (they’re slightly different from 17/18 to 18/19), his response was that “the reason for the difference is because they do fit different from what I found, the tire heights are not the same and neither are the tire overhang, so the offsets end up different.”
When questioned about tire recommendations for an 18×9 with a 28 offset on the rear, Angus’ response was “you could easily run a 255/35 or 265/35 depending on your ride height – I even used 285/30 on a 9″ rim once (not approved). Your 9″ rim with a +28 is almost identical to a 10″ +40 which is commonplace. ”
When questioned about whether a 18×9.5 with a +28 offset on the rear would work with a 255 35 18 tire, Angus’ response was “this will work just fine”
When questioned about whether a 17×7.5 +40 on 215/40/17 azenis 615k with a 15mm spacer up front would still be able to full turn and get away without rubbing (because azenis seem like they are skinnier then most 215’s), Angus’ response was “I doubt it although it depends on the ride height – maybe if it is stock”


Synth19 Experiences

I’m going to add some aggressive fitments that have worked for me, with zero rubbing. Keep in mind I had to run a slight stretch to achieve the +25 in front and +19 in rear.
18×7.5 +30 to +25
19×9.5 +24 to +19
One more to add that worked for me:
18×7.5 +27 with Toyo TR1 215/35/18. NO rubbing. Keep in mind my car is super low!
And another
Rear: 18×10 +25, tire size: 265/35/18. Tire hit fender liner on bumps only. +27 to +28 would probably have worked if I went with the same tire size.